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Police State, USA: No ‘praying’ in own home

TRUTH BOMBS: This is an interesting story. I research just a little and I found the court documents for it, available here:



What is interesting is that she claims to have called in several complaints to the police in the past which were never filed. And when the police came to her apartment for a noise complaint wearing body cameras that the video is now missing for. Hence the second court document for the removal of evidence during an active hearing. Hmmmmmmmmmmm………..


ARTICLE: A stunning claim that police officers in Louisburg, Kansas, ordered a woman to stop praying inside her home has been elevated to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a district judge dismissed the complaint out of hand.

The case is being handled now by lawyers with First Liberty Institute after Mary Anne Sause, a retired Catholic nurse on disability, handled the initial claim on her own.

The result was that Judge Julie Robinson granted a motion from the city to dismiss the case and told the women she wasn’t allowed to amend her complaint.

First Liberty, however, decided to challenge the recent ruling based on the First Amendment issues at stake.

“Ms. Sause alleged that Officers [Lee] Stevans and [Jason] Lindsey commanded her to stop praying, under threat of arrest. And they did so without any legitimate law-enforcement justification,” the organization said. “This is a plain violation of her clearly established First Amendment rights to pray in her own home and to be free from official retaliation for exercising that right.”

The appeals court is being asked to reverse the lower court’s decision, or, at a minimum, order it back to the lower court with instructions to allow an amendment.

“No American should ever be told that they cannot pray in their own home,” said Stephanie Taub, associate counsel for First Liberty Institute. “The right to pray in the privacy of one’s own home is clearly protected by the First Amendment.”

City officials declined to comment to WND.

First Liberty said Sause was home on the night of Nov. 22, 2013, when two officers approached her door and demanded that she open it.

She explained that they did not identify themselves and she could not see them through an inoperable peephole, so she didn’t open the door.

“As a survivor of rape, Sause never opens her door to anyone she can’t identify,” First Liberty said.

The officers left, but they came back and again demanded to be allowed in.

“When Sause came to the door, the officers asked why she didn’t answer the door the first time. Ms. Sause saw a pocket Constitution, given to her by her congressman, lying on a nearby table and showed it to the officers, who still had not explained the reason for their appearance. One officer laughed and said, ‘That’s just a piece of paper’ that ‘doesn’t work here.’”

Once inside, they “harassed” her, she said, at one point telling her to get ready to go to jail.

“When Sause asked why, he said, ‘I don’t know yet,’” First Liberty reported.

She was frightened and asked permission to pray, and one officer agreed. The other then came back into the room and ordered her to “stop praying,” the complaint explains.

They then “flipped through the codebook to see how they could charge her,” finally choosing “interference” and “disorderly conduct.”

At the end of their visit, they finally explained they were there because someone thought her radio was too loud.

She filed complaints with the city and got no response before going to court.

Robinson concluded that the officer’s order for her to stop praying “may have offended her,” but it was not “a burden on her ability to exercise her religion.”

“The right to worship in the privacy of one’s own home, free from governmental interference, is a fundamental right – secured to every American by the First and Fourteenth Amendments,” said First Liberty. “As the Supreme Court has recognized repeatedly, this foundational principle is enshrined directly in the text of the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause.”

The woman alleged the officers forced her to stop praying not in furtherance of a “legitimate law enforcement objective, but instead so they could continue to berate and harass her.”

The officers, for example, told her to move away and said no one liked her.

“The district court’s conclusion that being forced to stop praying in one’s own home – at the command of a police officer – ‘does not constitute a burden on [Ms. Sause’s] ability to exercise her religion’ is particularly worrisome,” the lawyers explained. “To echo Justice Alito’s recent sentiments: ‘If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern.’”

“She plausibly alleged that the officers unlawfully interfered with her constitutional protected religious liberty – the right to pray in her own home,” they said.

“The police are supposed to make you feel safe, but I was terrified that night. It was one of the worst nights of my life,” Sause said.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/stunner-cops-tell-woman-to-stop-praying/#B5ve8VPpISo1vYKE.99

Source: Police State, USA: No ‘praying’ in own home

Democrats are treating people of faith like criminals | Fox News

TRUTH BOMBS: And the word “Faith” here means Christian faith. Certain not the Islamic faith that is being welcomed in and being given every benefit that a regular working citizen could never get. I digress……Christianity is under attack! Wake up church.

ARTICLE: The modern Democratic Party is the greatest threat to the free exercise of religion in America’s history. In their attempt to limit religious freedom, they are attacking the foundation of America’s goodness.

Never has a major party sought to shove the practice and influence of religion out of the public square like today’s Democrats.

Christians are beginning to recognize these attacks. Under President Obama’s watch, we had to fight for the right to practice our faith in business and in community service. See Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Zubik v. Burwell respectively. In other words, Christians had to sue the government in order to continue to practice their faith.

In a recent report, the chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission is quoted as saying, “The phrases ‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance.”

In the minds of the Obama administration, religious freedom is nothing more than discrimination and intolerance.

In the minds of the Obama administration, religious freedom is nothing more than discrimination and intolerance.

In the recent 2016 Democratic Party Platform, religious freedom is qualified. You can only practice religious freedom as long as it doesn’t interfere with “gay rights” or “abortion rights.” The party platform also seeks, for the first time ever, to force taxpayers to fund abortions, even if it violates their conscience. Bow down to government first, your religion second.

Democrats have also sought to strip public funding from Christian colleges, making it harder for poor and minority students to attend. They have created “hate lists” of Christian and Catholic schools. They have threatened to deny Christian schools their tax exempt status and their accreditation. They are also seeking to remove all Christian and Catholic colleges from the NCAA.

Democrats have censored pastors’ sermons, fired public officials because of what they wrote in a Bible study, and punished bakers, florists, and wedding photographers with massive fines simply for wanting to practice their faith in their businesses.

Democrats are treating people of faith like criminals.

Democrats are telling you that you can practice your faith quietly and within the walls of your home and church, your faith just cannot influence any public activity. Tell that to the millions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who practice their faith 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tell that to the great social reformers: Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce, Harriet Tubman, and George Washington who made their impact on society because of their faith.

On Thursday, Donald Trump met with over 30 religious leaders from across the country to discuss religious freedom issues. Mr. Trump was attentive, interested, inquisitive, and at the end – committed to protecting religious freedom.

We explored the history of religion and virtue in shaping our country, the importance of protecting religious freedom for businesses, schools, non-profits, and churches themselves. He reconfirmed his commitment to protecting the rights of pastors to speak freely from the pulpit.

We discussed international religious freedom and that God has blessed the United States of America in order that we can be a blessing to all nations.

Listening to our discussion about the Democratic Party’s attack on religious freedom, Mr. Trump closed by saying: “Under my leadership, this will all change. The religious freedom of Americans will be protected and strengthened.”

While one party seeks to totally squash the practice of religion, Donald Trump is actively seeking to understand and fortify religious freedom.

During the primaries, I condemned Donald Trump’s remarks about women, the disabled, and minorities. I have never justified nor excused those comments. Our president must act better. But when it comes to the policies that will affect every single American, Hillary Clinton’s attack on religion makes her totally unqualified to be the president of the United States.

Her policies are in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution and will limit the rights of millions of Americans to run a business, provide community service, worship, or educate in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Jeff Hunt is Executive Director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Source: Democrats are treating people of faith like criminals | Fox News

Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope’s stance on gay unions

TRUTH BOMBS: Homosexuals are trying to bring down any Christian organization. I have not heard this being done outside a mosque. It is Ironic that the Pope is named Francis and the homosexuals are protesting him. He who has ears to hear let him hear.

ARTICLE: Two former nuns married each another in northern Italy on Wednesday in the latest challenge to the Catholic Church’s opposition to same sex unions.

The women, named only as Federica and Isabel by Italian media, were married in a civil ceremony by the local mayor, Luca Salvai, in Pinerolo near Turin following the legalization of gay marriage in Italy this year.

“God wants happy people who live love out in the open,” Isabel told the Italian daily, La Stampa.  “We are asking our church to welcome all people who love each other.”

The women, both aged 44, were to have been married in the small town on Thursday but they brought the service forward 24 hours in a bid to avoid mass media coverage after they gave a discreet interview to La Stampa published Wednesday.

“It was a very simple ceremony,” said Mr Salvai. “It is their celebration and I am happy to have helped them to achieve their wish.”

Federica comes from southern Italy and Isabel is from South America.  Both belonged to the Franciscan order, named after Pope Francis’ namesake St. Francis of Assisi.

The women had to formally notify the Vatican of their decision to leave their vocation but say they have no intention of abandoning their faith.

“We don’t want to become celebrities, but live peacefully together,” Federica said. “We are leaving the convent, but we are not leaving the church and we will not forget our faith.”

The women are also planning to celebrate their union with a separate religious service to be performed in few weeks by Franco Barbero, a former priest who was excommunicated from the church by Pope John Paul II in 2003 for his controversial views on gay marriage and other issues.

Their union will be the 20th civil union Barbero has conducted this year. He said their story was “like all the love stories in the world”.

“They got to know each other slowly… and in the end they discovered deep feelings,” Barbero told La Stampa.

“They are two beautiful people, with very deep faith. They thought about it for a long time and took their decision courageously, knowing it wouldn’t be widely accepted.”

He said the couple had delayed the religious service ” for a few weeks” to maintain privacy and that this was not the first union of former nuns he had blessed.

Source: Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope’s stance on gay unions

North Korea: Christians Crucified, Burned, Steamrolled in Onslaught of Brutal Persecution – Christian News Headlines

TRUTH BOMBS: We give the ultimate sacrifice for the sake to the truth!

ARTICLE: Christians in North Korea are being enslaved, raped, tortured and killed, according to a report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

The report, titled Total Denial: Violation of Freedom of Religion or Belief in North Korea, from the UK religious freedom charity said freedom of religion is “largely non-existent.”

“Religious beliefs are seen as a threat to the loyalty demanded by the Supreme Leader, so anyone holding these beliefs is severely persecuted,” the report says.

“Christians suffer significantly because of the anti-revolutionary and imperialist labels attached to them by the country’s leadership.”

The report details incidents such as Christians being “hung on a cross over a fire, crushed under a steamroller, herded off bridges and trampled underfoot.”

Christians in North Korea must practice their faith in secret or they are sent to hard labor camps.

“A policy of guilt by association applies, meaning that the relatives of Christians are also detained regardless of whether they share the Christian belief,” the report says.

“Even North Koreans who have escaped to China, and who are or become Christians are often repatriated and subsequently imprisoned in a political prison camp.”

North Korean officials say there are about 13,000 Christians in the country, but Cornerstone Ministries International estimates there are about 200,000 to 300,000.

Source: North Korea: Christians Crucified, Burned, Steamrolled in Onslaught of Brutal Persecution – Christian News Headlines

Boat Captain Being Tried for Murder of 6 Christian Refugees – Christian News Headlines

A refugee boat captain is facing serious charges after allegedly throwing six Christian refugees overboard which resulted in their deaths.

According to ChristianToday.com, Captain Alain NB from Cameroon could face up to 90 years in prison for murder of the refugees.

The boat full of migrants was on its way from Morocco to Spain when the incident allegedly occurred.

The boat was being rocked by a fierce storm and so the six Nigerian Christian refugees began praying for the bad weather to cease. The captain of the boat, however, accused the Christians of inciting the storm with their prayers.

He and others then allegedly beat the Christians before throwing them overboard into the sea where they drowned.

One body was found off the coast of Granada.

Alain NB has denied all charges. His lawyer has said that testimonies from witnesses are inconsistent.

The prosecutors, however, alleged that the captain “was aware that the victims could not possibly survive and that they would die, either by drowning, from the cold, or from the physical injuries they had suffered. He was aware of the low temperature, the rough seas and the great distance from the coast and the absence of any nearby boats which could rescue them,” and yet he went through with throwing them overboard.


Source: Boat Captain Being Tried for Murder of 6 Christian Refugees – Christian News Headlines

ITT Tech shutters campuses after federal aid sanctions | Fox News


TRUTH BOMBS: This is only one college that is shutting down because of the Obama administration. I know of another, a religious college, that the IRS is refusing to process completed tax documents until that college comes into compliance with the new Obama sexual discrimination policies. That is pure religious persecution and you Christians NEED to wake up!

ARTICLE: The for-profit college chain ITT Educational Services is shutting down its campuses days after the U.S. Department of Education banned it from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid.

Source: ITT Tech shutters campuses after federal aid sanctions | Fox News

‘May God Protect Us From the Backlash in the Streets’: Egypt’s New Law on Churches Angers Christian Critics | TheBlaze.com

TRUTH BOMBS: Legislation is also a form of persecution! Remember that Americans when reading about the troubles our brothers are having overseas.

ARTICLE: CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s lawmakers on Tuesday passed the country’s first law spelling out the rules for building a church, a step Christians have long hoped would free up construction that was often blocked by authorities. But angry critics in the community say the law will only enshrine the restrictions.

Church building has for decades been one of the most sensitive sectarian issues in Egypt, where 10 percent of the population of 90 million are Christians but where Muslim hardliners sharply oppose anything they see as undermining what they call the country’s “Islamic character.”

A man and woman pray at the Cavern Church, and the martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, famously known as the Abu Serga Church, in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

A man and woman pray at the Cavern Church, and the martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, famously known as the Abu Serga Church, in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Local authorities often refuse to give building permits for new churches, fearing protests by Muslim ultraconservatives. Faced with refusals, Christians turned to building illegally or setting up churches in other buildings, which in many cases prompted riots and attacks by ultraconservatives. In contrast, building a mosque faces few restrictions.

Christians had hoped that the law would enshrine broad rights to build, encouraged by promises from President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. The Christian minority has been among el-Sissi’s staunchest supporters ever since, as army chief, he led the military’s ouster Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in 2013 and launched a heavy crackdown on Morsi’s supporters.

Egyptian Christian girls light candles in the Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Egyptian Christian girls light candles in the Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

But the law left critics, including some Christian lawmakers, embittered, warning that it will maintain Christians’ second-class status. The Coptic Orthodox Church, to which most Egyptian Christians belong, had at first opposed the bill but later backed it — and critics say it bent to heavy government pressure.

Under the law passed Tuesday, Christians must apply to the local provincial governor when they want to build a church.

The law stipulates that the size of the church must be “appropriate” to the number of Christians in the area. According to an official supplement to the law, the governor should also take into account “the preservation of security and public order” when considering the application.

A general view of the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama'ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

A general view of the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama’ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

The law “empowers the majority to decide whether the minority has the right to hold their religious practices,” said Ishaq Ibrahim, a top researcher in the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

The law passed with support of two-thirds of the 596 lawmakers in the House of Representatives, according to Egypt’s state agency. Though many of the body’s 36 Christian members had previously spoken out against it, in the end they largely voted in favor.

A painting of Jesus Christ on the ceiling of St. George Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

A painting of Jesus Christ on the ceiling of St. George Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

One Christian lawmaker, Nadia Henary, said the law is flawed and still allows constraints on churches. “But we have to respect the opinion of the majority,” she said. “I am a daughter of the Church and I respect the priests and the Church leadership.”

Father Sergius, a top official in the Coptic Church, praised the law as “historic,” saying, “The church and the government reached a reconciliatory agreement. Thank God we have this law now.”

Father Abdel-Masseh Basit, head of the Church’s Bible Studies Center, said the law was a grudging compromise. “We are no longer talking about a constitutional right but about negotiations,” he said. “The church couldn’t reject the law because it will put the state in a bad spot.”

Christian children hang around the Coptic Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Christian children hang around the Coptic Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

He said the law means church-building will now depend on the flexibility of each governor. “In the cities, the governors are already flexible but in southern Egypt and in the villages, it is a different story.” There, governors are more vulnerable to demands by Salafis, the ultraconservative Muslim movement, parts of which back el-Sissi.

The law passed with support of two-thirds of the lawmakers, according to Egypt’s state agency. Eleven members of the Salafi Nour Party boycotted the vote, saying the law gives Christians too much freedom to build and will anger Muslims.

“May God protect us from the backlash in the streets,” said Mohammed Ubaidi, a Nour lawmaker.

Ethiopian women visit the Coptic Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Ethiopian women visit the Coptic Hanging Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Christian activist and researcher Nader Shukry said the security and order provisions connected to the law still mean authorities can still use threats of mob violence as an excuse to ban church construction.

“What if Salafis protest against the construction of a church, would this prompt the governor to turn down the request, for fear of national security?” he said.

He and other activists also warned that authorities can also limit churches by citing the article that restricts the size of churches according to the size of the local Christian community, because there are no official statistics on the Christian population.

The government has never released an official figure for the Christian population, viewing the statistic as a sensitive national security matter. Activists believe the government doesn’t want to show how large the community actually is.

A worker renovates part of the Cavern Church, and the martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, famously known as the Abu Serga Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

A worker renovates part of the Cavern Church, and the martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, famously known as the Abu Serga Church in Old Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Youssef Sedhom, the chief editor of the Coptic weekly Watani, wrote Sunday that the law shows the state wants to continue to have “full mandate and monopoly” over the Copts and their churches. The provisions are “vague” and empower local authorities to say “yes, this is allowed” or “no, this is not allowed,” he wrote.

The law does allow churches built without permits in the past to be recognized, if the construction meets regulations and if religious rites have been held there over the past five years.

But critics say that many such churches were shut down by force, so no rites were held, while others were not built according to specifications since they were hastily converted from residential buildings.

Among critics, the law fueled a sense of betrayal by el-Sissi and anger at the Coptic Church, led by Pope Tawadros II, because the bill was worked out in direct negotiations between the Church and government behind closed doors.

Christians saw the law as a reward for their staunch support for el-Sissi. On Aug. 14, 2013, security forces broke up two giant protest camps by Morsi supporters, killing hundreds. In retaliation, Islamists attacked nearly 70 churches and priests’ houses around the country.

“We choose to remain silent that day (Aug. 14) knowing that this is not the time to speak. Now, we feel this has gone in vain,” Tadros Kaldas, a Christian lawmaker, told The Associated Press. He blamed the law on authorities “fear of (Muslim) ultraconservatives.”

The Coptic Church’s position on the law has fluctuated. On Aug 18, it rejected the draft bill, calling it “dangerous to national unity.”

But days later, Tawadros met with Prime Minister Sherif Ismail. The pope then met with the Church’s Sacred Congregation, a body of 105 top officials, bishops and heads of monasteries. The congregation then issued a statement accepting the bill.

A general view of the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama'ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

A general view of the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama’ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

“The government has killed the dream,” said Emad Gad, a Christian lawmaker. The state is telling Christians, “You aren’t going to be full citizens in a state that strips away the national identity and puts a Salafi one on in its place.”

Source: ‘May God Protect Us From the Backlash in the Streets’: Egypt’s New Law on Churches Angers Christian Critics | TheBlaze.com

Muslim persecution of Christians called ‘systematic’

TRUTH BOMBS: The list is growing. Imaging if if really knew the full list of the Christian martyrs just by muslims. Wake up Christians, you are losing the war for the eternal souls of your children.

ARTICLE: While the Obama administration has been pursuing Islamist refugees from Syria to bring thousands to the safe haven of the United States, Christians have been under fire – often literally – and losing their property and lives in Iraq and Uganda.

And Syria, Bangladesh and Congo.

Also, Philippines, Egypt, Tanzania, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Turkey, Iran and Nigeria.

Even Germany!

By Muslims!

A new report from Gatestone Institute finds that although the Muslims doing the persecution are minority, there’s no doubt, “persecution of Christians by Muslims is growing.”

And it’s not random, either, the report by Raymond Ibrahim, author of “Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians,” found.

“Such Muslim persecution is not random but rather systematic, and takes place in all languages, ethnicities, and locations.”

WND has had multiple reports on the horrific wave of death imposed by ISIS across the Middle East, the beheadings, the burnings, the drownings, the crucifixions and other attacks by Muslims on Christians and other religious minorities.

The AP reported just on Tuesday that it documented 72 mass graves in Iraqi territories recently freed from ISIS control.

The agency estimated that up to 15,000 victims were slaughtered by the Islamists and buried there, often times with bulldozers.

Gatestone’s new report, in fact, notes such attacks have been going on.

“We will show the Armenians and the Christians who we are … We have been ordered not to leave any Armenians in the area,” Islamic rebels in Aleppo, Syria, were quoted saying.

And the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom recently found, “The government of Iran continues to engage in systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom, including prolonged detention, torture, and executions based primarily or entirely upon the religion of the accused.”

The violence matches almost anything reported from previous worldwide conflicts.

Said the report, “One account told of a couple who, after their children were abducted by ISIS militants, answered their door one day to find a plastic bag on their doorstep. It contained the body parts of their daughters and a video of them being brutally tortured and raped.”

The report continued, “In yet another disturbing example of the genocide facing Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, on 12-13 May a group from Islamic State (IS) entered a town near the city of Hama in Syria, populated only by Christians and Alawites, killing an as yet unspecified number of men, women and children. Men were beheaded, whilst women were raped and then murdered. Many children were also killed. It is not yet clear exactly how many people have been killed.”

And Father Douglas Bazi, an Iraqi priest who was kidnapped by ISIS in 2006 but later escaped, recounted his experiences as a captive:

“They destroyed my car, they blew up my church on [sic] front of me. I got shot by AK-47 in my leg. The bullet is still in my leg. And I [have] been kidnapped for nine days. They smash my nose and my teeth by hammer. And they broke one of my back discs.”

“To be Christian in Iraq, it’s an impossible mission,” he recounted. “But even so, I’m not actually surprised when they attack my people. I’m surprised how my people are still existing. Please talk about our stories. Let the world know what happens to us.”

But the report also said Eritrea is “one of the world’s fastest emptying nations” and a majority of the 40,000 to fled to Italy last year are Christian.

Even in Western democracies to which Christian refugees flee they are surprisingly unsafe, with the report revealing, “as many as 40,000 Christians – including Muslims who wish to convert to Christianity – are being attacked and harassed by Muslims in migrant homes.”

“Now in European asylum homes they are finding more and more that they are in as much danger from radical Muslims in Europe as they were in their home countries,” the report said.

The List:

  • In Uganda, a Christian pastor was poisoned by a Muslim. The report said Micah Byamukama, 61, pastor of a Baptist church, died on May 15 after ingesting an insecticide that a Muslim, Ahmed Mupere, had put into his food. Mupere reportedly was mad at the pastor for challenging his belief in jinn, those otherworldly creatures of the Quran. “Mupere … came to visit the pastor, a widower with no children. He apparently dined with the pastor, but secretly put poison on the food and stopped eating.”
  • Separately in Uganda, a Muslim man, Awali Kakaire, 34, allegedly strangled his wife for converting to Christianity. Then he allegedly tried to “force his five children, ages 5 to 12, into a hole he had dug in a nearby garden,” Gatestone reported.”We resisted and began screaming, and neighbors arrived immediately, but he had already dumped us into the hole that he had dug. Seeing the neighbors, he tried to flee, but he was overtaken and then began to be questioned by those who surrounded him,” Morning Star News reported.
  • In Syria, some 200 Christians died in bombardments of Aleppo in April and early May. The April bombardment involved approximately 1,350 rockets hitting in the Christian region of the city.
  • In Bangladesh, Dr. Sanaur Rahman, 58, was going home on his motorcycle when he was attacked and slashed by machete-wielding terrorists. He was killed, and a friend with him was wounded. “The doctor was popular in his village because he used to treat and offer medicine to poor people free of charge and ran a free clinic on Fridays,” the report said.
  • In Congo, “Muslims terrorists killed scores of villagers.” One source reported “16 bodies are in front of me,” while another said 38 were slaughtered. The attack was attributed to the Muslim Defensive International, which “has repeatedly attacked the majority-Christian population in eastern DRC for years.”
  • In the Catholic-majority Philippines, a “recently established ISIS branch … claimed responsibility for a terror attack on a military position on Basilan Island. The attack killed one soldier and injured another.”
  • In Bangladesh, “A 26-year-old Catholic high school teacher was raped on May 12 by her Muslim principal and his friend … Afterward, they threatened to post the video of the rape on Facebook, if she reported them.”
  • In Egypt, “On May 20, a 70-year-old Christian woman was stripped naked, savagely beaten, spat upon, and paraded in the streets of Minya to jeers, whistles, and yells of ‘Allahu Akbar,’ after a mob of some 300 Muslim men descended on her home. Her crime was that her son was accused of having a romantic relationship with a Muslim woman, an intimacy that is banned under Islamic law, Shariah.”
  • In Uganda, “After a 22-year-old Christian woman accused a mosque leader of murdering her father earlier in the year, local Muslims responded by beating and raping her. The woman, whose name was withheld, said she was beaten and raped on April 19 for telling a court what she had witnessed. She was found unconscious in a pool of blood, with cuts on her body. One of the three Muslims who assaulted her told her, ‘We shall kill you today because you are the one who made our sheikh to be imprisoned.’”
  • The report explains in Tanzania, a Roman Catholic church was burned to the ground, the third church in four months to be destroyed. “According to a local pastor, ‘Since 2013 we have had over 13 churches torched here in Kagera and no one has been held accountable.’”
  • In Pakistan, it was the government that announced plans to demolish four churches, all of which had been built decades ago and now were on “very expensive and prime locations which politicians and Islamists are jealous of. “In the same country, a Christian was accused of watching an anti-Islamic video on his phone, and immediately a $10,000 bounty was put on his head by Muslims. For additional punishment, the report said, “Fellow Christians in his village were prevented from buying food from Muslim shopkeepers and given three options: ‘convert to Islam, leave the village forever, or hand over Imran so he can be burnt alive.’”
  • In Azerbaijan, a Christian evangelist reported he was framed by people angry over his outreach to Muslims and he was jailed, and spent a year behind bars. “Local sources said, ‘His health is very bad and he needs urgent help.’”
  • In Eritrea, “Thousands of Christians are fleeing the nation due to extreme persecution, according to a report which describes Eritrea as ‘one of the world’s fastest emptying nations’ and the ‘North Korea of Africa.’”
  • Turkey, which is a NATO ally of the United States, is “aiding and abetting the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria that kill Christians,” the report said. It provides aerial cover and “safe haven,” the report said.
  • In Iran, despite the “nuclear deal made with the Obama administration,” investigators have reported “Christians continue experiencing severe human rights abuses.”
  • In Nigeria, “Gunmen shot at a car carrying Roman Catholic Cardinal John Onaiyekan in the country’s southern Edo state. The attack on the cardinal comes amid increasing violence and kidnappings of Christian clergy by Muslims for ransom. Three other Christian leaders were kidnapped for ransom within the same year. The decomposing body of a cleric kidnapped in a Muslim-majority region was found last April.”
  • It is in Germany, where thousands of Muslims have migrated, along with Christians, where the latter are being attacked.”The most prevalent form of abuse was verbal insults with 96 people saying that had received abuse or threats. Eighty-six said they had been physically assaulted and 73 said they had been subjected to death threats against themselves and family members. Three quarters of the migrants also said they had been victims of multiple attacks. The perpetrators of most of the attacks were fellow migrants who look down on converts and believe them to be apostates [from Islam].”

A survivor of the attacks told Morning Star News that the herdsmen killed two Christian women in Ninte village on Aug. 1, and that she knew of eight Christians killed in Gada Biyu on Aug. 2. Local newspapers reported nine people were killed in Gada Biyu, with another two men killed in Akwa’a on Aug. 3.

It was the Washington-based Media Research Center that issued a special report titled “Shameful Silence” in which it spotlights the whitewashing by the U.S. media of the Christian genocide going on in the Middle East.

The report details the broadcast news networks’ silence on Christian genocide in the Middle East.

Source: Muslim persecution of Christians called ‘systematic’

ISIS Martyr Kayla Mueller’s Amazing Faith – Jim Denison

“She was always considerate of others, even though she herself was in a very difficult situation. She was always concerned for other prisoners. She never stopped being concerned for the Syrian population living through just horrible things in this war and still are. She never stopped caring for others.”

This is how a former ISIS hostage describes Kayla Mueller in a remarkable story on this morning’s ABC News website. Four former hostages will tell about their shared ordeal on tonight’s “20/20” broadcast.

We knew that Mueller was tortured and assaulted sexually by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS. But we are only now hearing remarkable accounts of her unfailing Christian commitment and character. Former hostages describe her sense of humor and unwavering faith. They testify that she defended her Christian commitment to “Jihadi John,” the infamous ISIS executioner, and inspired them all with her courage.

At one point she refused a chance to escape so that some teenage girls with her would have a better chance at freedom. “I am an American. If I escape with you, they will do everything to find us again,” she explained. One girl who escaped said Mueller “was praying for us to escape, to survive. I will never forget this sacrifice. She was very good to us. I will never forget.”

Mueller died in February 2015. ISIS stated that a Jordanian airstrike in Syria killed her, a claim the White House has denied. According to another former ISIS hostage, she was killed by the terrorists, perhaps by al-Baghdadi himself.

Scripture says, “To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice” (Proverbs 21:3). For Kayla Mueller, her righteousness was her sacrifice. She is now numbered among “those who had been slain for the word of God and the witness they had borne” (Revelation 6:9).

You and I are not likely to face anything like Kayla Mueller endured, but we will encounter our own temptations and challenges today. John Maxwell noted, “Your integrity is the foundation for lasting achievement. If you build it, success and significance will come. And you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time.” Conversely, we all know what happens to a house with a flawed foundation: cracks hidden beneath the house produce cracks visible in its walls that only get worse over time.

The best time to choose character is before it is tested. At the start of this day, ask the Holy Spirit to manifest the fruit of “faithfulness” and “self-control” in your life (Galatians 5:22, 23). Decide that you will face temptation with integrity and opposition with grace. Remember that “whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out” (Proverbs 10:9). And know that in a day of moral confusion and deception, your character is your most indispensable witness.

Thinking about Kayla Mueller this morning, I am reminded of martyred missionary Jim Elliott’s now-famous observation, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Jesus told his persecuted followers, “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).

Kayla Mueller is wearing her crown today.


Source: ISIS Martyr Kayla Mueller’s Amazing Faith – Jim Denison