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Migrant child brides put Europe in a spin – BBC News

TRUTH BOMBS: This is an example a failed culture brought about by a failed religion on both sides. On the European side, this is the failure of their religion: atheism and the Migrants failed religion of Islam. Two wrong do not make a right.

ARTICLE: Should a 14-year-old married girl who migrates to Europe be viewed as a child – or a spouse?

The issue has put European governments in a spin: forcing a policy U-turn in Denmark, new legislation in the Netherlands and an agonised debate in Germany.

Analysts say early marriage is often carried out in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey by families trying to protect girls from poverty or sexual exploitation. Elsewhere, poor families might marry off their young daughters in exchange for dowries.

The question is one of rights and protections – but which? When authorities stop minors cohabiting with their older spouses, are they combating child abuse or breaking up (often already traumatised) families?

Depending on where you go in Europe, you’ll find a radically different range of responses to the issue.

Denmark’s dilemma

Denmark’s response has swung first one way and then the other.

In February, Integration Minister Inger Stojberg vowed to act after a review found dozens of cases of girls living with older men in asylum seekers’ accommodation – which the minister called “totally unacceptable”.

Couples would require “exceptional reasons” to live together below the age of 18 (the legal age for marriage in Denmark) and no cohabitation would be allowed whatsoever if one party was below 15.

But separation reportedly prompted two migrants under 18 to attempt suicide.

The policy was reversed earlier this week – with children as young as 14 reunited with their husbands – after the issue was raised with the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) by lawmaker Josephine Fock.

“It is completely outrageous. We are talking about people who have fled to Denmark who are being split from each other. Some of them have children together and investigating individual [asylum] cases takes an unbelievably long time,” Ms Fock told Metroxpress news service.

The DIS cited Denmark’s “international obligations” as the trigger for its policy change, concluding that enforcing separate living quarters would violate the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life”.

That has prompted conservative politicians to call for Denmark’s withdrawal from such treaties.

Image copyright AFP

Image caption Figures suggest child marriage is on the rise among displaced Syrians

Dutch clampdown

In the Netherlands, policy has shifted in the other direction – with the government moving swiftly last year to close a legal loophole which allowed child brides to live with older husbands in asylum centres.

And politicians have grappled with the same dilemma elsewhere in Europe – though on the whole each country is dealing with just a handful of cases.

German indecision

The issue takes on much broader significance in Germany, which has greeted some 1.2 million migrants since last year under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “open-door” policy.

Here the authorities’ response has been inconsistent and, some claim, confused.

Data suggest that in Germany there are at least 1,000 marriages where one or both parties are under the legal marriage age of 18, of which more than half are in the southern state of Bavaria.

Legal marriage or state-sanctioned abuse?

The official confusion is reflected in one reported case: a 15-year-old Syrian girl married to her 21-year-old cousin. She was first separated from him in the city of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, for reasons of child protection.

Her husband lost an appeal to a family court, but the decision was eventually set aside by a regional court, which judged that the marriage should be recognised as it was legal in the country of origin.

But the city appealed, and the pair are now awaiting a judgment from Germany’s federal court.

In response, Germany’s justice ministry has set up a working group to agree a consistent response.

Ironically, the Family Affairs Minister Manuela Schwesig cited the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to argue against under-age cohabitation, claiming that violated children’s rights to “play, education and health”.

Desperate choice

And the issue only threatens to become more pressing, despite the efforts of global campaign groups to eliminate child marriage – which they claim in many cases is in fact forced marriage.

Unicef figures from the vast Syrian refugee camps in Jordan suggest the proportion of registered marriages where the bride was under 18 rose from 12% in 2011 (roughly the same as the figure in pre-war Syria) to 18% in 2012, and as high as 25% by 2013.

And Jordan’s Chief Islamic Justice Department was recently quoted as saying child marriages represented about 35% of all marriages of Syrian refugees in 2015.

“There are a number of reasons why families are opting for child marriage for their daughters,” says charity Save the Children.

“As refugees, Syrian families are reliant on dwindling resources and are lacking economic opportunities. At the same time, they are all too aware of the need to protect their daughters from the threat of sexual violence.”

Migration to Europe explained in seven charts

Source: Migrant child brides put Europe in a spin – BBC News

Ohio Muslim immigrant kills own daughter

TRUTH BOMBS: Let me use this article of Islamic violence in America to show the absurdity of other liberal philosophies. The Homosexual argument that liberals give is often something like “What do you care what they do in the privacy of their own home?” The irrationality of this statement is more easily seen in the context of murder than homosexuality. However the impact of the surrounding community cannot be denied in either context. Why shouldn’t we allow the Muslims to live according to their ungodly ways? Or why shouldn’t we allow the LGBT community to live according to their ungodly ways? Before you accuse me of a false comparison fallacy, THINK! This is not a comparison of LGBT and ISLAM, this is comparison of two distinctly different Worldviews.

ARTICLE: Police say they can’t figure out the motive behind an Ohio father’s horrific crime of violence against his own daughter, and the media won’t touch the topic, but some say the answer lies hidden in plain view.

Jamal Mansour, 63, of Rocky River, Ohio, walked into his adult daughter’s bedroom at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday and shot her twice in the head while she slept. His daughter, Tahini Mansour, 27, died about 10 hours later at a local hospital.

“We don’t have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” said Lt. George Lichman with Rocky River Police.

Islam experts and former Muslims say the suspect’s behavior is rife with clues but don’t look for the police or media to flesh them out and share those clues with the public.

Mansour is a Muslim immigrant from Jordan and his alleged execution-style killing of his daughter bears the hallmarks of Islamic honor violence, says Daniel Akbari, a former top Shariah lawyer in Iran who defected to the U.S. several years ago and now lives in Texas.

Tahani Mansour, 27, was shot twice in the head, allegedly by her own father while she slept.

“Mr. Mansour might have assimilated to Western culture sufficiently to shave his beard and wear jeans but not to accept his daughter behaving like western girls,” said Akbari, author of “Honor Killing: A Professional’s Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources.”

After shooting Tahini in the forehead, twice, Mansour stood before a judge later that day and said it was an “accident.”

The night of the incident, police rushed to his home after the brother of Tahani Mansour called 911 and reported she had been shot twice while asleep in her bed.

When asked to explain why the father would shoot his own daughter, family members blamed a medical condition, claiming Mansour is diabetic, according to a Fox 8 report.

Diabetes, a malady suffered by thousands of Americans, typically does not compel one to commit random acts of deadly violence but, even still, the claim did not square with the local police investigation.

“We had the fire department respond and do an evaluation, it turns out [the father] was not under any medical care at the time of the incident and since he’s been in our jail,” Lichman said.

Tahani Mansour was educated and successful. She received a doctor of pharmacy degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2013, worked as a clinical pharmacist for University Hospitals and taught at the University of Findlay and the medical school, according to her LinkedIn account.

The medical school posted a statement on its website mourning her death, and included information about a prayer service held Thursday at a Cleveland mosque, the Associated Press reported.

But her father was clearly upset with her. She had recently taken a business trip to Las Vegas of which he did not approve, family members told police.

Mansour emigrated from Jordan to the United States in 1978 and eventually became a U.S. citizen, according to Cleveland.com. He owns several businesses in the Cleveland area with his brother including a gas station and grocery stores. He’d traveled to Jerusalem recently to participate in a family business venture that involved the construction of an apartment complex.

Prosecutor Michael O’Shea called it an “assassination” and argued for a stiff bail, which was set at $4.5 million.

“A guy that’s willing to murder his own daughter, the gate is open to what else he might do,” O’Shea told Cleveland.com.

Sharia rules for dress and conduct

Shariah rules for women’s dress and conduct are part of the foundation of Islamic culture, Akbari told WND in an email.

Any Muslim who has lived in a society with a dominant Islamic culture adopts those laws to some degree and makes them to be a part of his or her belief,” Akbari said.

“Muslim men who immigrate to Western countries bring that sense of jealousy toward their female family members with them and enforce the sharia rules in their families,” he added.

He said the correct term in Arabic is not actually “honor.”

“Islam has a term for that sense of jealousy, which by mistake has been translated as ‘honor.’ The Islamic term for that jealousy is “ghayra,” which literally means excluding others. Islamic rules for dress and conduct cover all aspects of a Muslim woman’s life, how to dress, how to walk, how to talk, and so on.

“When a Muslim woman violates any of those rules commanded by Islam for her behavior she violates the Muslim man’s ghayra causing him to feel he is responsible to take action and stop her,” he said. “Islam provides a hierarchy of actions the man can take, starting with scolding the woman and ending with killing her.”

Tahani Mansour was one of six children. She lived at home with her parents and was the youngest child.

Senator’s warning: ‘Murdered for being too westernized’

Ironically, just one day after the alleged murder of Tahani Mansour by her father, a Senate hearing was held on refugee resettlement in which Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., warned that with the importation of Muslim migrants comes the importation of Muslim cultural norms that most Americans would find aberrant and abhorrent. Among those he named were honor violence and female genital mutilation, WND reported.

Sessions said there are an estimated 23 to 27 victims of honor killings each year in America, citing published reports.

“That’s in America, not in Syria. And 91 percent are murdered for being too ‘westernized.’ That doesn’t sound like assimilation to me,” Sessions said at the hearing. “Most are daughters, subjected to physical and emotional abuse all related to fundamentalist Islam.”

More than 500,000 mostly Muslim women in America are also at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation, according to a recent report published in the Washington Free Beacon.

Tahani Mansour was rushed to Fairview Hospital Tuesday morning. She died around 11 a.m., 10 hours after police say Jamal Mansour shot her.

The victim’s brother called 9-1-1 for help at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday. He told the operator his father just shot his sister in her room at the family’s home on Vine Court.

This is how a portion of the 9-1-1 call went:

Operator: “Go ahead sir.”
Caller: “Yes, my sister has been shot. Please send an ambulance, please.”
Operator: “OK, where has she been shot at?”
Caller: “In her room.”
Operator: “OK. Did she shoot herself? Did you see who shot her?”
Caller: “No, my father shot her.”

Dr. Joan Horvath told Fox 9 in Cleveland that the family lived on the street for years but kept to themselves. Other neighbors said the same thing.

“I understand that they have children. I have never seen the children. I would not recognize them. I’ve seen the father cutting the grass and occasionally the mother puttering with flowers, but I have never seen the children,” said Horvath. “The thought to me, of a father shooting a daughter, who is normally the apple of a father’s eye, is so heartbreaking. What drove him to that. What are the dynamics of that family that made him feel that the only way to stop something is to shoot his daughter.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/09/ohio-muslim-immigrant-kills-own-daughter/#DRcMTHHMBfFuJKTY.99

Source: Ohio Muslim immigrant kills own daughter

State Dept admits jihadis have posed as refugees to enter US, still plans to admit more

TRUTH BOMBS: I can think of no reason other than deliberate social engineering, as to why our Government is allowing this.

ARTICLE: “State Department: Jihadis Have Posed As Refugees To Enter US,” by Rachel Stoltzfoos, Daily Caller, September 21, 2016:

Islamic State terrorists have tried to pose as refugees in order to gain admittance to the U.S., Department of State spokesman John Kirby admitted Wednesday.

“I wouldn’t debate the fact that there’s the potential for ISIS terrorists to try to insert themselves,” Kirby said on Fox News. “And we’ve seen that in some of the refugee camps in Jordan and in Turkey, where they try to insert themselves into the population.”

He was defending President Barack Obama’s plan to bring in 110,000 new refugees in the next year, a huge increase from the 70,000 the U.S. typically admits, saying the vetting process is “good.”…

Source: State Dept admits jihadis have posed as refugees to enter US, still plans to admit more

Person of interest named in New York City bombing | Fox News

TRUTH BOMBS: What you mean this was a criminal act perpetrated by a muslim who came into our country and became a citizen? No that just couldn’t be the truth! [SARCASM]

Islam is fundamentally evil by what it teaches.


Authorities released the name and photo of an “armed and dangerous” Afghan-born man wanted in connection with bombings in New York City and New Jersey, as raids and detentions in the metropolitan area pointed toward a terror cell being behind the series of weekend attacks.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen, is being sought for questioning regarding the Saturday night blast in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, an explosion in Seaside Park on Saturday morning and a foiled bomb attack Sunday night near a train station in Elizabeth, NJ.

Rahami’s last known address was in Elizabeth, and the FBI had launched a raid at the apartment, located above a fried chicken restaurant, on Monday morning. That’s the city where investigators discovered five suspicious devices — one of which exploded while a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it — near a train station on Sunday night.

“Today I believe we’re going to find out that [the bombing] was influenced by foreign sources,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday on“Fox & Friends.”

The search for Rahami comes hours after federal authorities on Sunday night conducted a traffic stop in Brooklyn of a “vehicle of interest” in the bombings. A law enforcement source told Fox News that a “number of individuals” who are possibly connected to the explosion were taken into custody.

Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that at least five men were being questioned after the Brooklyn traffic stop. The FBI said in a statement that no one had been charged with any crime and the investigation was ongoing.

Following the Chelsea explosion — which injured 29 people — on West 23rd Street at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, police found a second, unexploded device four blocks away. The device was described as a pressure cooker with wires and a phone attached. The contraption, which bore a resemblance to the bomb used in the 2013 Boston Marathon attack, was placed in a plastic bag.

The Chelsea bombing came 11 hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a New Jersey garbage can near the route of a charity 5K race in Seaside Park, a borough about 60 miles from Elizabeth. No one was injured in that blast. Runners were slated to be near the location of the explosion when it went off, but the race was delayed after an unattended backpack was discovered.

Source: Person of interest named in New York City bombing | Fox News

Does Obama Administration Favor Muslim over Christian Refugees? – Christian News Headlines

TRUTH BOMBS: This is staggering to think about. Perhaps a deliberate social engineer by the increase of a diametrically opposing culture.

ARTICLE: Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in Syria and other areas of the Middle East due to persecution and ongoing conflict.

The U.S. recently met its quota of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees, and plans to receive even more. However, reports are emerging that allege that the Obama administration favors Muslim refugees over Christians.

Johnnie Moore, the Christian author of the book Defying ISIS and president of the KAIROS Company, recently spoke about the threat Christian refugees are facing.

Moore denounced what he called the “Christophobic” way many leaders treat Christians and then accuse those who support the persecuted Christians of being Islamophobic.

“The United States of America has a moral obligation to speak up, and we’re not doing it, and it starts at the top,” said Moore.

Stream.org also reports that Christians make up around 10 percent of Syria’s population. However, less than one percent of the Syrian refugees received into the U.S. have been Christians.

According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, in fact, only 56 refugees have been Christian, out of the 11,157 Syrian refugees welcomed into the U.S.

Some speculate that the Obama administration is deliberately welcoming more Muslim refugees than Christians.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch stated, “This is social engineering, not humanitarian relief.”

Moore agreed, stating that while Muslims who are under threat should receive asylum as well as Christians, “It’s not immoral to give special treatment to those facing a special threat.”

Source: Does Obama Administration Favor Muslim over Christian Refugees? – Christian News Headlines

ISIS Releases Video Showing Torture and Killing of Alleged U.S. Spies – Christian News Headlines

Terrorist group ISIS has released a new propaganda video which shows men accused of spying for the U.S. being brutally executed and hung upside down from meat hooks.

The Christian Post reports that the terrorist group released the video to coincide with the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, which honors Abraham’s willingness to obey God and sacrifice his son.

The video released by ISIS is over 12 minutes long and is titled “The Making of Illusion.” It contains graphic footage of executions and bodies hanging from meat hooks in a slaughterhouse. The video also includes “spy” scenes taken from Hollywood movies.

While ISIS is reportedly losing ground in the Middle East, they still have 18,000 to 22,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, despite the thousands of airstrikes by a U.S.-backed coalition.

The Pentagon confirmed on Monday that a U.S. airstrike had killed ISIS’ second-in-command, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani. Russia also claimed responsibility for killing the terrorist leader.

ISIS is attempting to establish a caliphate in the Middle East and elsewhere. In their propaganda magazine, “Dabiq,” the group has said Allah condones killing and enslaving unbelievers or “infidels.”

“Before Shaytan [Satan] reveals his doubts to the weak-minded and weak hearted, one should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar [infidels] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shari’ah that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Qur’an and the narration of the Prophet … and thereby apostatizing from Islam,” the magazine said.

Source: ISIS Releases Video Showing Torture and Killing of Alleged U.S. Spies – Christian News Headlines

U.S. court rejects Muslim’s demand to use Shariah

TRUTH BOMBS: This is only the first of many. There was an attempt to establish sharia in Texas this past year too. We must be aware that if we ever let sharia into the court system (in reality we already have), we will face devastating consequences.

ARTICLE: A state court in Minnesota, which already is heavily influenced by a large population of Muslim immigrants and has one district represented in Congress by a Muslim, has decided that in America, it’s American inheritance law that applies.

The recent ruling from the Court of Appeals affirmed a Hennepin County District Court decision that the widow, Nariman Sirag Elsayed Khalil, of a taxi driver who died in an accident should be the one to benefit from a $183,000 settlement over her husband’s death.

It was the cab driver’s brother who argued in court that Islamic law should apply, so that the widow of Nadir Ibrahim Ombabi would only get 25 percent of the wrongful death settlement, 16.7 percent should go to his mother’s estate and the rest to Ombabi’s siblings, “with the males to receive ‘twice the share of the female.’”

The opinion, which was marked “unpublished” and not to be used for citation, involved the claim of Hosameldin Ibrahim Imbabi of Gold River, California.

Representing himself, he claimed that all of the parties in the case were Muslims, so the state court should apply Islamic law.

“House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World” conveys what the West needs to know about Islam and the violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the subjugation and destruction of other faiths, cultures and systems of government

The appeals court ruling, however, knocked down his assertions, pointing out that he didn’t even bother providing a transcript of lower-court proceedings so the appellate judges could check his claims.

“This court therefore cannot resolve issues that require a transcript, such as whether the district court judge made statements indicating that he had predetermined the outcome of the case or whether the district court erred by refusing to allow cross-examination of certain witnesses,” the court found.

“None of appellant’s assertions of error are adequately supported by legal argument or citation to legal authority. For example, appellant’s main assertion of error appears to be that the district court should have applied Sudanese Islamic law instead of Minnesota law when distributing the wrongful-death settlement proceeds.

“But the appellant does not explain why, other than stating, ‘[he] strongly believe[s] that the principles of the private international law should have been applied from the beginning…”

The ruling found: “The district court found that ‘there is no credible evidence to prove Mr. Ombabi’s mother, brother, or sisters experienced a pecuniary loss, or more importantly what that pecuniary loss is, because of Mr. Ombabi’s passing.’ Accordingly, the district court ordered than 100 percent of settlement proceeds remaining after deduction of attorney feeds, litigation expenses, funeral costs, and trustee services be distributed to respondent.”

Legal blogger Eugene Volokh said of the decision, “I think it was also influenced by a basic American legal principle: American courts apply American law, rather than one rule for Muslims, one rule for Christians, one rule for Jews, and so on.

“Sometimes American law does allow the implementation of foreign legal rules, or religious legal rules. A contract might, for instance, call for applying the law of Sudan, or a will might specify that the property be distributed one-fourth to the widow, one-sixth to the parents, one-sixth each to the three brothers, and one-twelfth to the one sister (whether or not that’s the Shariah-mandated split). A court may well enforce such provisions, subject to any constraints imposed by American public policy. (For instance, a contract calling for the cutting off of a person’s hand would be unenforceable; a will calling for a court to apply a legal rule that requires the court to distinguish males from females might be unenforceable, though a will calling for a court to distribute property to named parties would be enforceable.)

“But there, too, the principle is simple: American courts apply American law, including when an American law principle calls on American courts to enforce a foreign judgment, to apply foreign law or to follow terms in a contract or a will that deliberately track foreign or religious law. But there has to be an American law principle calling for such application of foreign law. And in this case, there was no such principle,” he said.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/u-s-court-rejects-muslims-demand-to-use-shariah/#ujG6WkWjfjqfWbzD.99

Source: U.S. court rejects Muslim’s demand to use Shariah

Pastor Saeed Abedini: Islam Is From Satan — Charisma News

TRUTH BOMBS: Saeed’s perspective is one that should be examined. He above many others see the true foundation of Islam.

ARTICLE: Former imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini condemned Islam as a religion of Satan in a Sept. 11 anniversary Facebook post.

“Still after 15 years every day people die because of the teaching of Qur’an and Islam even we all LOVE MUSLIMS and OUR ENEMIES but we need to declare to them and to the whole world that *** ISLAM IS FROM SATAN *** who comes to kill and destroys as JESUS said SATAN COMES TO DESTROY and KILL ( John 10:10 ),” Abedini wrote.

He continued:

We need to announce WE ARE IN THE WAR , I am telling to every one specially our political leaders.
I recorded below evangelical VIDEO in Persian for today 11 September to let all Muslims and Iranian that we all as CHRISTIANS BELIEVE ISLAM IS FROM SATAN NOT GOD.
And who follow it is a follower a lier prophet and SATANIC RELIGION.
I told in this video most of the pastors or Christian don’t dare to say it loud and clearly because of FEAR which some of them call it wisdom which is not but

Source: Pastor Saeed Abedini: Islam Is From Satan — Charisma News

Terrorism, Violence Worldwide at All-Time High, Global Peace Index Report Reveals

TRUTH BOMBS: We recognize the violence but do we recognize that Islam teaches violence?

ARTICLE: LONDON — The world has become increasingly violent with deaths from conflict at a 25-year high, terrorist attacks at an all-time high and more people displaced than at any time since World War II, the 2016 Global Peace Index showed on Wednesday.

The annual index, which measures 23 indicators including incidents of violent crime, countries’ levels of militarization and weapons imports, said intensifying conflicts in the Middle East were mostly to blame.

But beyond the Middle East, the world was actually becoming more peaceful, researchers behind the index said.

“Quite often, in the mayhem which is happening in the Middle East currently, we lose sight of the other positive trends,” said Steve Killelea, founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), which produces the index.

“If we look in the last year, if we took out the Middle East … the world would have become more peaceful,” Killelea told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

More than 100,000 were killed in conflict in 2014, up from nearly 20,000 in 2008. Syria, where nearly 67,000 people were killed in 2014, accounted for the bulk of the increase, according to the index.

The United Nations has said the number of displaced people is likely to have “far surpassed” a record 60 million last year.

The index showed that most attacks it classed as terrorist were concentrated in five countries – Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The economic cost of violence over the past decade was $137 trillion – greater than the global GDP in 2015, the IEP showed.

The indicator which improved the most in the last year was funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations, which reached record highs in 2016, IEP said.

“However, peacebuilding and peacekeeping spending remains proportionately small compared to the economic impact of violence, representing just 2 percent of global losses from armed conflict,” Killelea said in a statement.

More than 120,000 U.N. peacekeepers are currently deployed in 16 operations worldwide. The largest are in Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan’s Darfur region, South Sudan, Mali, Central African Republic and Lebanon.

Another improvement in peace, is a 10 percent fall in global military spending in the last three years, IEP said.

Building lasting peace

Europe is the most peaceful region in the world, although the region’s peace score dropped in the wake of attacks in Paris and Brussels. Deaths from such attacks in Europe have more than doubled over the last five years.

Last year, world leaders agreed to “significantly reduce all forms of violence” by 2030 and find lasting solutions to conflict and insecurity, as part of a set of Sustainable Development Goals to fight inequality and extreme poverty.

Building lasting peace takes more than just improving security, Killelea said.

“Quite often as an international community we lose sight of that and try and have a one shoe fits all (approach),” he said.

“For me the most profound thing about the index is the ability to use it … to better understand the qualities … which create peaceful societies,” Killelea said.

Iceland is the world’s most peaceful country listed in the index, followed by Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Portugal.

The least peaceful country is Syria, followed by South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

(Reporting by Alex Whiting, Editing by Katie Nguyen.; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s rights, trafficking, corruption and climate change. Visit http://news.trust.org)

Source: Terrorism, Violence Worldwide at All-Time High, Global Peace Index Report Reveals

Christian Father Beheaded by ISIS: ‘Teach My Children the Principles of Jesus Christ’

TRUTH BOMBS: We in the west need to have faith and understanding as this man. I do not know of his doctrine, but I hope his faith was true and his understanding of Jesus Christ solid. I look forward to meeting him in paradise some day.

ARTICLE: Among the 21 Coptic Christian workers beheaded on a beach in Libya last year by ISIS was a father who, before he went to Libya as a migrant worker, told his wife he knew it was dangerous and that if he did not make it back alive, to please teach their children “the principles of Jesus Christ.” So testified lawyer and humanitarian Jacqueline Isaac, who met in Egypt with the families of 15 of the 21 victims and told Congress about the genocide being perpetrated by the Islamic State.

Jacqueline Isaac, vice president of the humanitarian group Roads of Success, spoke at a May 13, 2015 hearing on ISIS and religious minorities held by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Despite the horrifice stories and documentation she presented to the committee along with other witnesses, none of the major news broadcast outlets covered the hearing — not ABC, CBS, or NBC.

Commenting on the genocidal actions of the Islamic State, which are producing many orphans, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) asked Isaac, “If I could ask you, where is the faith of these young people?”

Isaac said, “Congressman Smith, I went to Egypt and I met the families, 15 of the 21 families that had victims that were slaughtered in Libya. I was astonished by their faith.”

“As a fellow Christian, I thought, how would I be if I were in this situation today?” she said.  “Meeting the fathers that said to me, ‘Thank God that today [my sons] they are in Heaven. Thank God.’”

“A wife, talking to me about how her husband had said, ‘I am going to Libya and I will be in danger. But if I don’t make it, teach my children, teach them the principles of Jesus Christ.'” recounted Isaac.

“That is the story,” she said. “These are the accounts of their faith. And I’ve seen it in Iraq across the board how Christians are standing strong and helping all, [and] helping the Yazidis.”

“In fact, we had a case,” said Isaac. “I remember there was a group of Yazidis that found a local [Christian] church and the church was providing care for them, providing a home for them. This is what they’re doing. They’re struggling but they’re giving everything they have. So, thank you.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declared on March 18 of this year, “My purpose here today is to assert in my judgment, (ISIS) is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control including Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims.”

Also, the British House of Commons voted unanimously on April 20 to declare the actions by ISIS/Daesh as genocide, despite the opposition of then Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party administration.

Source: Christian Father Beheaded by ISIS: ‘Teach My Children the Principles of Jesus Christ’