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Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope’s stance on gay unions

TRUTH BOMBS: Homosexuals are trying to bring down any Christian organization. I have not heard this being done outside a mosque. It is Ironic that the Pope is named Francis and the homosexuals are protesting him. He who has ears to hear let him hear.

ARTICLE: Two former nuns married each another in northern Italy on Wednesday in the latest challenge to the Catholic Church’s opposition to same sex unions.

The women, named only as Federica and Isabel by Italian media, were married in a civil ceremony by the local mayor, Luca Salvai, in Pinerolo near Turin following the legalization of gay marriage in Italy this year.

“God wants happy people who live love out in the open,” Isabel told the Italian daily, La Stampa.  “We are asking our church to welcome all people who love each other.”

The women, both aged 44, were to have been married in the small town on Thursday but they brought the service forward 24 hours in a bid to avoid mass media coverage after they gave a discreet interview to La Stampa published Wednesday.

“It was a very simple ceremony,” said Mr Salvai. “It is their celebration and I am happy to have helped them to achieve their wish.”

Federica comes from southern Italy and Isabel is from South America.  Both belonged to the Franciscan order, named after Pope Francis’ namesake St. Francis of Assisi.

The women had to formally notify the Vatican of their decision to leave their vocation but say they have no intention of abandoning their faith.

“We don’t want to become celebrities, but live peacefully together,” Federica said. “We are leaving the convent, but we are not leaving the church and we will not forget our faith.”

The women are also planning to celebrate their union with a separate religious service to be performed in few weeks by Franco Barbero, a former priest who was excommunicated from the church by Pope John Paul II in 2003 for his controversial views on gay marriage and other issues.

Their union will be the 20th civil union Barbero has conducted this year. He said their story was “like all the love stories in the world”.

“They got to know each other slowly… and in the end they discovered deep feelings,” Barbero told La Stampa.

“They are two beautiful people, with very deep faith. They thought about it for a long time and took their decision courageously, knowing it wouldn’t be widely accepted.”

He said the couple had delayed the religious service ” for a few weeks” to maintain privacy and that this was not the first union of former nuns he had blessed.

Source: Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope’s stance on gay unions

Gay teen sues his Catholic school for depriving him of his senior year

TRUTH BOMBS: I only reference this article because this was covered by Yahoo news. However the source is a blog so be warned. I am not surprised at this lunacy.

ARTICLE: Last year, Lance Sanderson’s story garnered national attention. The senior at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis was told that he could not bring a boy from another school to the homecoming dance. Because he then brought the school negative publicity, he was asked not to return to school at all — he spent his senior year taking online courses, deprived of any extracurricular activities or even the chance to walk at graduation. Now, he and his parents are suing CBHS for breach of contract, emotional distress, and violations of Title IX. In a complaint filed Tuesday morning in Tennessee state court, Sanderson lays out the way the school humiliated him, punished him, and ultimately deprived

Source: Gay teen sues his Catholic school for depriving him of his senior year

Same-sex attraction ‘safe space’ – at Bible college!

TRUTH BOMBS: Well now….. How do we define Christianity if not by what Christ teaches in his Word?


Biola University, considered one of the most conservative evangelical Christian universities in the nation, has announced the creation of a “purposeful, community-focused program” for students with same-sex attractions.

A spokesman told WND the program does not in any way conflict with the doctrinal statement that, in italics and bold-face type on its website, affirms, “Biblical marriage consists only of a faithful, heterosexual union between one genetic male and one genetic female, and biblical marriage is the only legitimate and acceptable context for a sexual relationship.”

The Web page for the new program, called Sustinere, explains that students with same-sex attractions typically don’t feel free to talk about their experiences and feel unsupported in their community.

The program “will seek to provide a caring and supportive community where students can journey together to live authentically and lovingly with same-sex sexual attractions, orientations, and identities.”

Asked whether that means Biola has concluded that people with same-sex attractions are “born that way,” Matthew Hooper, the associate dean of students for student development, told WND no.

Biola’s belief that same-sex behavior is a sin is stated throughout its position papers and is taught in the classroom, he said.

However, he told WND a statement may need to be posted on the new program’s Web page, which provides no indication that same-sex activity is not approved.

The page explains that the program, which is launching this fall, will be a “caring and supportive community.”

“Led by staff/faculty advisers and student leaders, the group will aspire to be a safe space for students who experience enduring same-sex attractions or identify as having a same-sex sexual orientation or identity.”

The program will feature a monthly gathering, advisers and other “community” participants.

“Safety” will be “promoted through sharing one’s story.”

“In order to promote safety within the group, a student seeking participation will meet with a student leader before being invited into the group. This process is necessary to ensure that all who attend will be respectful and supportive of the other participants within the group.”

Also the community will focus on allowing “members to share their thoughts and experiences.” Possible discussion starters include friendship, emotional health, family dynamics, affection, church experience, loneliness, belonging, spiritual formation and biblical interpretation.

Hooper said the group was started because there are a growing number of Christian students coming to campus who are “navigating same-sex attractions.”

He said the group is where “students who are navigating that reality can be open about that.”

Same-sex attractions, he said, are “a burden for students.”

“We’re not compromising at all our position, biblical position of marriage,” he told WND, so while the “community” reaches out to those with same-sex attraction, the message will be abstinence and rejection of the lifestyle.

“Every human person is broken by sin. Every human sexuality is broken by sin. What we want to do is walk with students … regardless of what they’re navigating regarding their sexuality,” he said.

He pointed out there are differing views among Christian organizations these days about the theology of same-sex attractions.

He said Biola regulates “romantic relationships” to the point that abstaining is the answer for many on campus.

“Students know that’s what our position is,” he said.

He said the school also has an organization to respond to sexually addictive behaviors.

Biola, founded in 1908, consistently ranks in the nation’s top Christian schools with its 150 programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

It enrolls about 6,000 students on its La Mirada campus, online and in distance programs.

Its doctrinal statement, besides addressing marriage specifically, affirms the Bible as the word of God, without error or misstatement.

“There is one God, eternally existing and manifesting Himself to us in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our Lord Jesus was supernaturally conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin – Mary, a lineal descendant of David. He lived and taught and wrought mighty works and wonders and signs exactly as is recorded in the four Gospels. He was put to death by crucifixion under Pontius Pilate. God raised from the dead the body that had been nailed to the cross. The Lord Jesus after His crucifixion showed Himself to be alive to His disciples, appearing unto them by the space of 40 days. After this, the Lord Jesus ascended into heaven, and the Father caused Him to sit at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come, and put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him to be Head over all things to the Church,” it states.

It also states the Bible “is clear in its teaching on the sanctity of life.”

“Life begins at conception. We abhor the destruction of innocent human life through abortion on demand, infanticide or euthanasia as unbiblical and contrary to God’s will. Life is precious and in God’s hands.”

The U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 created same-sex “marriage,” a decision that has been criticized as unconnected to the Constitution by some members the court.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/09/same-sex-attraction-safe-space-at-bible-college/#kLW7MswOFOLLvAKd.99

Source: Same-sex attraction ‘safe space’ – at Bible college!

Chelsea Manning to receive gender transition surgery: lawyers

TRUTH BOMBS: Truly sickening. Tax payer money will now fund the the transgender surgery for a PRISONER and we can’t even get proper VA Healthcare!! Come Lord Jesus, Come Please!

ARTICLE: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning, serving a 35-year prison term for passing classified files to WikiLeaks, ended her hunger strike on Tuesday after the Army said she would be allowed to receive gender transition surgery, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said.

The 28-year-old Army private, who was born male but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman, announced the hunger strike on Friday.

Manning’s treatment will begin with the surgery that was recommended by her psychologist in April, the ACLU, which represented Manning, said in a statement. Manning is held in Kansas.

No transgender inmate has ever before received gender affirming surgical treatment in prison, the ACLU said.

“I am unendingly relieved that the military is finally doing the right thing. I applaud them for that. This is all that I wanted — for them to let me be me,” Manning said in a statement, though she went on to criticize the government for taking “so long.”

A spokesman for the defense department said it would not comment on the matter in order to protect patient confidentiality.

Manning in July tried to commit suicide over what her representatives said was the government’s denial of appropriate treatment for her gender dysphoria, a condition in which a person feels their physical gender is the opposite of the one he or she identifies with.

The Army announced later that month that it would investigate Manning for misconduct in connection with the attempt to take her own life, a probe that could lead to indefinite solitary confinement, reclassification into maximum security or additional prison time.

According to Manning’s representatives, doctors have recommended that as part of her treatment for gender dysphoria the soldier, who began hormone therapy in 2015, be allowed to follow “female hair grooming standards.”

ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio said in Tuesday’s statement that the government plans to still enforce the male hair standards.

Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years in prison after a military court conviction of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. The case ranked as the biggest breach of classified materials in U.S. history.

Among the files Manning leaked in 2010 was a gunsight video of a U.S. Apache helicopter firing on suspected Iraqi insurgents in 2007, an attack that killed a dozen people, including two Reuters news staff.

Source: Chelsea Manning to receive gender transition surgery: lawyers

Massachusetts Forces LGBT ‘Accommodation’ Rules on Churches | PJ Media

TRUTH BOMBS: No, the government would NEVER dictate to the Church  what is a proper moral gender identity. It would NEVER EVER try to coerce the Church to change Biblical teaching. This article must be a mistake because our government just DOES NOT persecute Christians like this. If you believe that, I have some Ocean front property in Arizona for you too.

ARTICLE: On October 1, 2016, the nation’s strictest LGBT non-discrimination laws will come into effect in Massachusetts. According to the “Gender Identity Guidance” released by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) last week, even churches must refer to transgender individuals by their chosen “gender identity,” ignoring their biological sex. This effectively means churches must acknowledge transgender ideology or practice their doctrine on human sexuality in secret — putting Christianity in the closet.

The guidance specifically mentions churches as falling under the “public accommodation” restrictions against “discrimination” on the basis of gender identity: “Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public,” the MCAD explained.

The restrictions are massive. Any “public accommodation” must allow patrons to use men’s or women’s restrooms — and locker rooms and changing rooms — “consistent with their gender identity.” Such places must also “use names, pronouns, and gender-related terms appropriate to employee’s stated gender identity in communications with employee and with others.”

These are not small asks for churches, Christian schools, and other organizations which operate on Christian principles.

Genesis 1 explicitly states that God created human beings in his own image, “male and female he created them.” Jesus Christ also quotes this passage in a way he does not quote the rest of Genesis 1. In Mark 10:6, he answers the Pharisees on divorce saying, “from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female,'” and in Matthew 19:4, he says the same: “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female.'”

In Christian theology, biological sex is a gift from God, meant for marriage, which itself is a weak symbol of the love between Christ and his church (Ephesians 5:31). Human sexuality is not a mistake to be corrected, and when God created men and women, he declared creation “very good,” as opposed to merely “good” before their creation (Genesis 1:31).

Transgender ideology flatly denies all of this. Contrary to many scientific studies (pediatricians have even called youth transgenderism “child abuse”), it argues that people who identify with the gender opposite their biological sex should be encouraged to do so, even to the extent of undergoing “gender re-affirming surgery.” This is a fancy name for bodily mutilation which causes even more confusion than before. But don’t listen to me, take it from the horror stories of these de-transitioning women.

Now this ideology is entrenched in Massachusetts law, which “defines ‘gender identity’ as ‘a person’s gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person’s physiology or assigned sex at birth.'” The law entrenches gender identity as a protected status, and extends protection to all public accommodations, including churches.

Source: Massachusetts Forces LGBT ‘Accommodation’ Rules on Churches | PJ Media

Top Catholic bishops criticize Biden for officiating at gay marriage | The Salt Lake Tribune

TRUTH BOMBS: Well I do will that the catholics would win this argument. Too bad they are too embedded in the world to really speak out against the sin of homosexuality and actually condemn the act outright. But what should I expect from a false religion’s opinion on false lifestyle.


When Vice President Joe Biden last week tweeted a photo of himself proudly officiating at the same-sex civil wedding of two White House staffers, it quickly became fodder for news stories and commentary both pro and con — the latter by religious conservatives who thought Biden was betraying his Catholic faith and deserved a rebuke.

The Catholic hierarchy was notably quiet, however, until Friday, when three leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops posted a statement clearly directed at Biden and criticizing him for presenting “a counter witness, instead of a faithful one founded in the truth.”

“When a prominent Catholic politician publicly and voluntarily officiates at a ceremony to solemnize the relationship of two people of the same sex, confusion arises regarding Catholic teaching on marriage and the corresponding moral obligations of Catholics,” wrote Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the USCCB, who was joined by Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, N.Y., and Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski.

Biden, the first Catholic vice president of the U.S., came out in support of civil marriage for gays in 2012. President Barack Obama followed suit a few days later.

Though Biden seemed to be the obvious focus of Friday’s USCCB statement, the three bishops were rather circumspect in their criticism.

Their statement was posted Friday on the USCCB’s blog, and they did not mention the vice president by name. Five of the six paragraphs of the statement focused generally on church teachings against gay marriage and on the responsibilities of Catholics in public life to, in the words of Pope Francis, “defend and preserve the dignity of fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good.”

The three bishops cited Francis, who has been hailed for his welcoming approach to gays, highlighting the pontiff’s support for traditional Catholic teaching that marriage is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

One reason for the relatively muted response is that Biden lives in the Archdiocese of Washington, which is led by Cardinal Donald Wuerl, and bishops are supposed to leave decisions on how to deal with wayward members of the flock to the bishop in charge of each diocese.

It could be seen as a breach of church practice for other bishops or the USCCB as a whole to appear to be telling another bishop how to run his ministry.

As of Sunday, Wuerl had not made a statement regarding Biden’s action. Several conservative Catholics and organizations have been pressuring Wuerl to take some sort of public action.

Another possible reason for the low-key tone of the USCCB blog post is that church law does not necessarily provide for the kind of penalties that some of Biden’s critics might want.

In a column after the news of Biden’s action, Edward Peters, a canon lawyer at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, wrote that the vice president “went out of his way to act with contempt” for church teaching and “is daring the church to do anything about it.”

But Peters noted that presiding at a same-sex marriage does not incur excommunication under current canon law; he said it would be up to Wuerl or the pope to issue legislation “making such officiating an excommunicable crime.”

He also wrote that Biden’s action was not necessarily heresy, either, nor would it clearly violate other canon laws.

Peters said that in his view the most appropriate response would be to deny Communion to Biden, who regularly attends Mass. Such an action is provided for under Canon 915, which directs ministers to withhold that sacrament from those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin.”

Some Catholics have frequently argued that Catholic politicians who support abortion rights as well as gay rights should be denied Communion under Canon 915, but bishops have been reluctant to take what is viewed as a drastic step.

Most bishops — and Wuerl would be among them — also prefer to deal with these matters privately with the public figure in question, and they note that the responsibility for making such a call is up to the bishop, not the USCCB or outside groups.

Biden reportedly secured the authority from a Washington, D.C., court to conduct the marriage of staffers Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie. He conducted the ceremony at the vice president’s official residence, the Naval Observatory, on Monday afternoon.

Source: Top Catholic bishops criticize Biden for officiating at gay marriage | The Salt Lake Tribune

NC School Policy Recommends Children Not Be Called Boys and Girls

TRUTH BOMBS: This is irrationality at it’s worst. The first law of logic is the law of identity. Something is what it is and not what it is not. The modern indoctrination centers are only confusing kids. Get your kids out of Public school before it is too late.

ARTICLE: WSOC-TV is reporting a North Carolina school system presentation to principals and counselors is recommending that kids are not referred to as boys and girls, but instead as scholars and students.

Doing away with boy and girl references is one of many policies included in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bully prevention regulations.

One policy allows students to participate in extracurricular activities and overnight field trips based on their gender identity.

The “Supporting Transgender Students” presentation also suggests evaluating gender-based activities and “maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose.”

The North Carolina Values Coalition calls the rules radical.

“School is no longer about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is now about gender fluidity,” Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition told WSOC.

A protest against the recommendations is being organized and is set to be held before the school board meeting on Tuesday.


Source: NC School Policy Recommends Children Not Be Called Boys and Girls

Anglican Church of Canada Adopts Gay Marriage, Endangers Future of Faith

TRUTH BOMBS: What do you mean “endangers” faith? If you don’t believe what Christ believes, and don’t obey what Christ commands then YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN. Their faith is not endangered, it was dead long ago.

ARTICLE: At the General Synod of The Anglican Church of Canada, held July 7-12, a proposal to allow the Canadian Anglican ministry to solemnize same-sex marriages was voted upon and was reported to have failed by a single vote. The next day, however, it was reported that there had been a counting error and that the measure actually had passed. Thus, by the closes of margins, the Anglican Church of Canada approved same-sex marriage.The resolution provides that: “A minister may only solemnize a marriage between persons of the same sex if authorized by the diocesan bishop … .” It also substitutes “partners” for “husband and wife” and replaces “a man and a woman” with “the parties to the marriage.”The issue was a unity-breaker. Some clergy walked out of the Synod in protest to the raising of such a divisive issue. When it was reported that the proposal had failed, some bishops rebelled saying that they would conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies anyway. When it was reported that the measure had passed, one church member wrote a letter expressing his dismay over the Synod’s failure “to defend one of the most fundamental doctrines of the church as made clear by Scripture, tradition and reason.”The Reverend Dr. Joseph Boot, founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity describes that decision as “madness.” He describes the decision to endorse same-sex marriage and evidence of the Canadian church’s “faithless and apostate leadership,” and advised: “True Christians must get out.”It is surprising that such a monumental change in a fundamental matter of core religious doctrine as the definition and meaning of “marriage” can be made by a mere majority vote. In this instance, the vote was so close that the outcome was allegedly misreported one day and was changed the next day. That rather trivializes and tarnishes notions like Eternal Principles, and Unchanging Gospel Truths. The Canadian Anglican church is not the only faith community to approve of same-sex marriage. In December 2012, the Pew Research Center reported that four (of sixteen) major faiths in the United States approve of same-sex marriage, and three other faiths offer optional (or local) support.Likewise, Pew Research reported that in October 2011, most Americans (46%-44%) favored legalizing same-sex marriage most Protestants (58%) and many Catholics (37%) opposed same-sex marriage.Of course, it is for Canadian Anglicans themselves to determine what they believe. All others – the rest of us – must respect and defend the right of members of any faith to make their own decisions about their doctrines and rites. We must repeat the old saying: “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Such respectful tolerance for others’ differing views is especially important in the matters of religious beliefs.Yet even while respecting the right of others to express their own views, it is equally important that those who disagree with those views respectfully express their different, even opposing views. To self-censor and not object is one form of disrespect for the others and their view. Such silence expresses a form of contempt, conveying the message that the disapproved views and those who express them are unworthy of being engaged, much less of being corrected and taught the truth.Religion and family have been closely linked over millennia. When major faith groups abandon the historic, faith-centered, church-protected understanding of marriage and the union of a man and a woman, the future of marriage as a gender-integrating social institution, the foundation of family – the protection of parenting, the cornerstone of the basic unit of society – is undeniably threatened. Likewise, when such a revolutionary deconstruction-and-reconstruction of the meaning of marriage is adopted by churches, the integrity and the future of those faith communities are endangered. If churches fail to defend and are unfaithful to their role to protect the scriptural meaning of marriage and marital families, why should not families abandon such religions? The notion of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is one of the first religious principles-institutions-rites described in the oldest, earliest book of canonized Judeo-Christian scripture. We live in a time of many changing values; our world is buffeted by many powerful change agents. Yet Christ famously said about the meaning of marriage – “What therefore God hath joined together let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9 (KJV). Some core institutions of society must be stable. Marriage is one of them. Constancy and stability in the meaning, functions and purposes of marriage protects married couples, promotes the welfare of children, and benefits society.The radical doctrinal decision of the Canadian Anglican church to redefine marriage diminishes marriage, weakens that church, and disserves the society of Canada. Families and persons of faith in Canada deserve better.

Source: Anglican Church of Canada Adopts Gay Marriage, Endangers Future of Faith

Now boys can wear skirts to school – as new ‘gender neutral’ uniforms introduced

TRUTH BOMBS: The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

ARTICLE: Eighty state schools are allowing boys to wear skirts and girls to wear trousers under new government-funded “gender neutral” uniform policies.

The schools have either dropped references to girls and boys in their dress codes or have rewritten their uniform policy to say that pupils as young as five can dress in the uniform in which they feel most comfortable.

It is part of a government-funded drive for schools to be more sensitive to “trans” children who are questioning their gender identity.

Diversity campaigners have warned schools that current policies risk discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils (LGBT).

Julie Robinson, general secretary at the Independent Schools Council, said public and private schools would soon follow suit and that some had already adjusted their policies to accommodate transgender children.

But Christian organisations have raised concerns that introducing a choice of uniform could confuse young children and lead older pupils to question their identities at a time when they need reassurance.

Allens Croft School in Birmingham is believed to be the first state primary to declare that it has a “gender neutral” uniform. Under the rules, which are the same for both sexes, boys can wear a grey or black skirt or pinafore while girls can wear grey or black trousers.

Source: Now boys can wear skirts to school – as new ‘gender neutral’ uniforms introduced

Nickelodeon desensitizing children

TRUTH BOMBS; Less than 1% of the population is reportedly homosexual yet this agenda is pushed by all networks. Why? This is indoctrination of non traditional principles and not child development.

ARTICLE: A children’s TV network made dubious history last week, airing the first animated show featuring a “married” same-gender couple. And one organization is working to do something about it.

After The Loud House episode aired on Nickelodeon, which is owned by Viacom Media Network, OneMillionMoms.com issued an alert to members.

“One Million Moms is extremely concerned that the network that is designed for children will now be exposing them to inappropriate content, content that they’re far too young to comprehend or understand,” comments Director Monica Cole. “And it will likely bring up premature conversations about sexual orientation that is completely unnecessary.”

Cole, MonicaShe accuses Nickelodeon of pushing an agenda.

“Networks, even children networks, are attempting to desensitize children and families in general,” Cole contends. “This is just proof that Nickelodeon had decided to be politically correct instead of just providing clean, family-friendly programming.”

The One Million Moms director adds that the Supreme Court legalizing same-gender marriage does not make it right or morally correct, so her organization, a division of the American Family Association, will be urging the show’s advertisers to pull their sponsorship.

OneMillionMoms is a division of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates OneNewsNow.com.

Source: Nickelodeon desensitizing children