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Will churches pay attention to another Orwellian warning?

TRUTH BOMBS: Well probably the Church will NOT see this for what it truly is. The majority have their heads buried in the sand with denial.

ARTICLE: Call it ironic or Orwellian, but the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is coming after conservative Christians for clinging to their beliefs.

“It should set off alarm bells,” says Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, a dissenting voice on the commission, “because what the Civil Rights Commission does you will see in law very often a few years down the road, maybe even less than that.”

At issue is the mammoth 306-page report, released Sept. 7, entitled “Peaceful Coexistence: Reconciling Nondiscrimination Principles with Civil Liberties.”

The chairman of the eight-member commission is Martin Castro, who stated during the report’s release that religion is used as a “weapon and a shield” to deny others equality.

The report suggests that supporting North Carolina’s bathroom law, or refusing to perform services for a same-sex wedding, are part of a “nationwide effort by extremists to promote bigotry”  and to show “naked animus against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

They’re talking about you, warns Kirsanow, if you choose religious orthodoxy over liberal beliefs.

Despite the title of the report, the findings side with homosexuals and transgender people over religious objections, Charles Haynes, who founded the Religious Freedom Center, warned in a Washington Post commentary.

“Peaceful coexistence is not difficult to achieve,” he wrote, “if one side declares victory and demands that the other side concede defeat before the argument even begins.”

Much like Kirsanow’s warning, Haynes also suggests that the commission’s findings “carry weight” with federal officials responsible for enforcing civil rights laws.

The rebuttal to the commission’s findings is the religious liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, says Dr. Ben Carson, the former GOP presidential candidate.

“That’s the reason that we have a Constitution and that’s the reason that we have the First Amendment,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Because our Founders fully realized that people would be coming along saying stupid stuff like that.”

After targeting Christian bakers, photographers and florists, homosexual activists have mocked right-wing fears that they intend to target churches.

natural marriageBut OneNewsNow has reported on efforts in Iowa and Massachusetts to undermine church protections by using “public accommodation” laws that protect homosexuals.

The legal fight in Iowa is over a state-level civil rights commission and the legal definition of a “bona fide” religious service, since church teachings conflict with the state’s non-discrimination laws.

In California over the summer, religious colleges and universities fought legislation that would force them to admit openly homosexual students.

The bill’s sponsor, a homosexual, said he was opposed to the “appalling and unacceptable” discrimination imposed by them. He backed down only after minority students complained that the bill’s crackdown on financial aid would hurt them, but he vowed to push the bill later.

“There is an encroaching effort,” Kirsanow warns, “to circumscribe the ability of faithful religious to practice their religion in a way that had been taken for granted for 200 years in this country.”

That effort, he further explains, is couched in terms such as “freedom of worship,” when what the Left really means is to confine such beliefs to a church or your home.

“And once you step out of those confines,” warns the commissioner, “then you better check your religion at your door.”

Source: Will churches pay attention to another Orwellian warning?

Proof That Religion is Good for America – John Stonestreet

TRUTH BOMBS: Without Christianity, nothing can be cogently proven true or false. It is the very foundation of rational thought. It is not just good for America but for everyone. The more Christian we are the better the society we live in.

ARTICLE: A few months ago on BreakPoint, I mentioned a Pew study that demonstrated Americans’ increasing ignorance of the vital role played by religious institutions in this country. Between 2001 and 2016, the percentage of Americans who think that religion plays a role in solving important social problems fell from 75 percent to 58 percent.As I said at the time, “part of the problem is that the religious contribution to the common good is so woven into the fabric of American life, most people these days just take it for granted and never stop to think about how prevalent it really is.” In fact, according to another study, half of Americans think that the government could replace religious organizations with no problems and nothing lost.And now, a new study quantifies just how wrong half of Americans are.Published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Religion, the study quantifies that “religion in the United States today contributes $1.2 trillion each year to our economy and society.” That’s “trillion” with a “tr,” or “more than the top ten tech companies combined—including Google, Apple, and Amazon.”Put another way, if American religion were a country, it would rank 14th or 15th among the world’s economies, just ahead of Russia and just behind Australia. Put still another way, religion accounts for a little under seven percent of our economic output.Now you still think that religion can just be replaced?The study conducted by Brian and Melissa Grim of Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs reminds those willing to listen that the nation’s 344,000 religious congregations aren’t just houses of worship, “they are also the nucleus of many communities.” They are the “centers for job training, charity, child care, and social events.”They employ “hundreds of thousands of people, creating jobs, and spend billions of dollars on goods and services, which support local businesses.” And finally, they fund 1.5 million social programs and gather 7.5 million volunteers.As Brian Grim put it, the benefits of religion aren’t intangible, nor are they limited to the members of these congregations. People of faith serve the vulnerable because of their faith.A little-known example of this outreach are the 78,000 programs that help “people struggling with mental illness.” That’s three times as many programs as there are Starbucks in the entire world! Yet, while people joke about how ubiquitous Starbucks are, no one takes note of how all-pervasive these programs are.Without these programs, the communities that rely upon them would be far worse off than they are. And yet an increasing number of Americans think religion can just be replaced.In light of these findings, think of the recent attempts to force churches to go along with the sexual revolution in places like Iowa and Massachusetts. Both efforts assume a private/public distinction that, as the report documents, just doesn’t exist.For many congregations, what it means to be the Church isn’t limited to the four walls of their sanctuaries, and their understanding of what it means to love their neighbor isn’t limited to the folks in the pews. That’s why churches form the nucleus of so many communities.In effect, proposals like the ones in Iowa and Massachusetts punish people of faith for loving their neighbors as themselves. Worse than that, they’re willing to sacrifice the vulnerable among us in the furtherance of the ideological projects of the sexual revolution, a revolution that has already left millions of victims in its wake.As Brian and Melissa Grim make unmistakably clear, there is no area of life that Americans care about, or at least should care about, in which people of faith, motivated by their faith, are absent. And their presence is making an incredible difference.Even if people refuse to notice.

Source: Proof That Religion is Good for America – John Stonestreet

Survey: Views on Homosexuality Major Factor for Millennials Who Left Church

TRUTH BOMBS: So read the article below and ask yourself does God change? No He does not. What He said was evil 2000+ years ago is still evil today. Yet the Church Growth gurus today believe that if the Church is to survive, then it must change. This is why we see pews replaced with couches and new cafe style worship centers coffee included (for a small fee).

So what will be next in light of this article?

ARTICLE: A recent survey has revealed that nearly one in four millennials are religiously unaffiliated, and many of them say they left the church due to teachings on homosexuality.

The Christian Post reports that 25 percent of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, according to a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute.

The survey found that religious affiliation has been declining noticeably since the 1990’s. The numbers of people who have left the church are greater the younger the demographic.

For example, only 13 percent of those aged over 65 say they are religiously unaffiliated, 17 percent aged 50 to 64 say the same, 29 percent in the 30 to 49 age group do not believe in religion, and a sizeable 39 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds say they are religiously unaffiliated.

The survey also explored the reasons for lack of religious affiliation. A major finding was that 39 percent of religiously unaffiliated millennials said the church’s teaching on and treatment of gays and lesbians was a major factor in their decision to leave the church or to remain unaffiliated with it.

The survey also separated non-churchgoers into three categories:

Rejectionists–those who “say religion is not personally important in their lives and believe religion as a whole does more harm than good in society.”

Apatheists–who “say say religion is not personally important to them, but believe it generally is more socially helpful than harmful.”

And, lastly:

Unattached believers–who say religion is personally important to them, but yet do not attend corporate worship.

Source: Survey: Views on Homosexuality Major Factor for Millennials Who Left Church – Christian News Headlines

FRC Blog » Human-Animal Hybrids Are a Violation of Human Dignity

TRUTH BOMBS: As in the days of Noah…… he who has ears to hear let him hear….. THIS IS REALLY BAD!

ARTICLE: Human-animal hybrids? No longer is it simply the stuff of science fiction. On August 4th, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a proposed policy that would lift the longstanding moratorium on the taxpayer funding of certain experiments creating embryos that are part human, part animal, known as “chimeras,” and even letting them grow into adult form.

NIH solicited comments on their proposal, and FRC signed on to detailed comments with the Charlotte Lozier Institute regarding the science and ethics of such research. The comments oppose the NIH proposal and note that ethical and scientifically valid alternatives exist to satisfy scientific demands.

To view the PDF of the full comment, see: Comment by Charlotte Lozier Institute and Family Research Council on NIH Proposal to Fund Human Animal Chimeras

Under the new NIH policy, human stem cells, adult or embryonic, could be added so early in the animal’s embryonic development that they could potentially become any organ or organ system within the maturing human-animal hybrid. Chimera researcher Dr. Izpisúa Belmonte himself admitted “We don’t know how to guide the cells to become the cells we want.” Human cells might contribute to the animal’s brain or reproductive organs, which could cause changes to the animal’s cognitive abilities or produce human sex cells. This research could thereby significantly blur the line between humans and animals, and undermine human dignity, as well as further incentivize the destruction of human embryos.

Nothing in the new policy prohibits such unethical outcomes, and in fact, the new policy explicitly allows research in which there is “substantial contribution or a substantial functional modification to the animal brain by the human cells” and anticipates the creation of chimeras in which “human…stem cells may contribute to the germ line,” that is, animals producing human sex cells. And while the new policy would technically prohibit chimeras from breeding, there is no clear or feasible way for NIH to enforce this ban.

To be sure, NIH is proposing this new human-animal hybrid research on the basis of its potential benefits, such as creating animal models of human diseases in order to prevent and treat illnesses, as well as to create human organs for donation that will adapt better to the human immune system. But it is one thing to conduct non-controversial, ethical research using human cells or DNA in animals, to test the cells for repair, or even to grow an organ. It is quite another thing to significantly modify an animal in a way that undermines the key pillars of human species identity by giving an animal a substantially human brain or reproductive capacities.

Far from advancing the human race, creating animal and human hybrids that leave in question their humanity undermines our own. Good science is also ethical science, and supports biotechnologies that advance scientific knowledge and medical treatments, while valuing all human life and maintaining human dignity. Science should never progress nor should human life be advanced at the expense of human life or dignity. Research involving human adult stem cells is one such promising way forward.

If NIH fails to protect human dignity in research funded by federal taxpayers, Congress once again may be forced to step in. For the fiscal year 2016 federal spending bill, Congress did so when it banned the FDA’s approval on research creating genetically modified embryos, such as three-parent embryos, in which the genetically modified information or traits can be passed on. At the very least we should not have our federal tax dollars subsidize the NIH’s new proposed human-animal hybrid research that could blur the line between humans and animals. To do so would undermine the very fabric of our moral order—the affirmation and respect for human dignity.

Source: FRC Blog » Human-Animal Hybrids Are a Violation of Human Dignity

Jesus’s Wife Claims Revealed as ‘Whopping Fraud’

 TRUTH BOMBS: The face I make every time someone criticizes my faith like this Harvard professor did: o97g1_s-200x150

ARTICLE: The Harvard Professor who confidently proclaimed to the world she possessed evidence that suggested Jesus may have had a wife has now been outed as a second-rate academic who allowed herself to be duped by a con man.

Dr. Karen L. King, professor at Harvard Divinity School, earned her 15 minutes of fame by staking her reputation as a historian of early Christianity on the authenticity of an ancient papyrus stating: “Jesus said to them, My wife… she is able to be my disciple.”

At a splashy roll-out a stone’s throw from the Vatican in 2012, King presented a paper to more than 300 scholars from 27 countries, where she announced the discovery of an ancient scrap of papyrus in which Jesus refers to his “wife,” whom King said is probably Mary Magdalene.

“All of the evidence points to it being ancient,” King later said. “As historians, the question then becomes, what does it mean?”

The Harvard Theological Review published an entire journal edition on the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,” and the Smithsonian Channel produced a major documentary on the topic. National Geographic confidently announced, “No Forgery Evidence Seen in ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ Papyrus” in its issue from April 11, 2014.

The problem was, the document is a fake. Dr. King had actually received the papyrus from a pornographer named Walter Fritz, who invented a story of how he had come into possession of the fragment. Described by people who knew him as “an eel,” Fritz told King that he had obtained the text from a colleague who had acquired it in Potsdam in 1963.

King was so excited with the possibilities of the find, however, that she never bothered to check up on Fritz’s credentials or the numerous inconsistencies in his story.

In two separate summer issues, the Atlantic Magazine—which in 2014 had called the findings of Dr. Karen King a “bombshell”—revealed the provenance of the papyrus, undermining the fawning attention that the scientific community showered on the discovery.

The journalist who uncovered the “whopping fraud” was Ariel Sabar, who pursued the origins of the fragment, leading him to the home of Walter Fritz on Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. Despite Dr. King’s unwillingness to reveal the name of the person who had furnished her with the papyrus, after painstaking sleuthing, Sabar found him anyway.

In 2003, Fritz had created a series of pornographic sites showcasing his wife having sex with other men, whom he also claimed had gifts of clairvoyance, prophecy and spiritual channeling. At times, Fritz’s wife would reportedly babble during sex in a language that Fritz assumed was Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

Fritz also had a background in the Coptic language and had previously worked as a tour guide in Berlin’s Egyptian Museum. Moreover, Sabar discovered, just prior to Dr. King’s public announcement of the papyrus, Fritz had purchased the domain name gospelofjesuswife.com.

When Sabar alerted Dr. King of his discovery prior to publishing his first piece, she said she wasn’t interested and would read the piece when it was published. “I haven’t engaged the provenance questions at all,” she told him.

Sabar later accused King of shoddy scholarship, suggesting that what she called a “lack of information” was really just a “lack of investigation.”

In his later piece, Sabar noted that King was particularly interested in Gnostic texts that assign Mary Magdalene a prominent role as Jesus’s confidante and disciple, since proof that some early Christians also saw Mary Magdalene as Jesus’s wife “would be a rebuke to Church patriarchs.” Her ideological agenda, in other words, disposed her to believe Fritz’s account of the papyrus.

Harvard classicist Christopher Jones had already observed that a forger may have identified King as a “mark” because of her feminist scholarship.

The tale does not end here, however.

When Sabar confronted Fritz with his trail of lies and deceit, Fritz admitted the fraud, but then tried to hustle Sabar as well, proposing co-authorship of a new book on the Mary Magdalene angle of Jesus’ life and the “suppression of the female element” in the Church.

Sabar would do the writing and Fritz would do the leg work on the details of the story. Fritz assured him the book would make a “million dollars in the first month or so.”

“The facts alone, they don’t really matter. What matters is entertainment,” he told Sabar. “You have to make a lot of stuff up,” he said. “You cannot just present facts.”

Source: Jesus’s Wife Claims Revealed as ‘Whopping Fraud’

‘This could have been life and death’: Utility workers find signs children lived in sewers near Seattle

TRUTH BOMBS: Signed that children are living in the sewers! In one of the most liberal cities in the US. This is home to Microsoft and a financial staple in the US. Every city has this kind of problem but it is the point that when social services were removed from the hands of the Church, they immediately met corruption.

ARTICLE: Last Friday afternoon in Federal Way, Wash., a city to the south of Seattle, utility workers came across a manhole that refused to stay closed. Meter readers with Lakehaven Utility District first noticed the sewer cover left ajar. They pushed it shut; to fall down an open manhole, after all, could mean injury or worse. It proved to be a stubborn grate. Later in the day — twice — workers found the manhole open again. The third time, the meter readers had enough, summoning the Lakehaven sewer crew, who decided to investigate how a 80-pound metal slab could behave like a screen door with a busted latch. What the crew found was even stranger. At the bottom of the 14-foot descent was a cache of kids’

Source: ‘This could have been life and death’: Utility workers find signs children lived in sewers near Seattle

Study: Fewer Americans Believe in God and Miracles – Christian News Headlines

A new study has revealed that more and more Americans are leaving church, and one of the reasons is lack of belief in miracles.

The Washington Examiner reports that a Pew Research Center study revealed that half of Americans who have left church say they no longer believe in God. The number of people in the country who don’t believe in God is also reportedly growing.

These so-called “nones” say they left church and stopped believing in God for a number of reasons, some of which include not liking organized religion, “common sense,” and believing science trumps miracles.

Representatives from the study also interviewed participants in order to determine the reason for this trend.

“About half of current religious ‘nones’ who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention ‘science’ as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said ‘I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.’ Others reference ‘common sense,’ ‘logic’ or a ‘lack of evidence’ – or simply say they do not believe in God,” researchers reported.

Other reasons people cited for leaving church and not believing in God included “Learning about evolution when I went away to college, “Too many Christians doing un-Christian things,” and “Because I think religion is not a religion anymore. It’s a business…it’s all about money.”

Source: Study: Fewer Americans Believe in God and Miracles – Christian News Headlines

Oklahoma: Christians to Counter Satanist Event with Prayer – Christian News Headlines

TRUTH BOMBS: It is good to see some standing against the pagan foundation of this world.

ARTICLE: A Roman Catholic archbishop is calling on Christians in Oklahoma City to counter a satanist event with prayer.

A satanic ritual is being planned for August 15. There will be a black mass and participants in the event plan to desecrate a statue of the Virgin Mary with sulfur, menstrual blood, and ashes from burned pages of the Quran.

Archbishop Paul Coakley is urging Christians to join a prayer event that will be held at the same time as the satanist event.

“In response to this blasphemous event, and the many other acts of hatred and violence happening in our world in recent weeks, I am encouraging the faithful and people of good will to pray together for healing and peace, and for the Lord to watch over our community and protect us from evil and its many destructive and violent manifestations,” Coakley told the Catholic News Agency.

The prayer walk will take place at 6 p.m. on August 15 at the Jesus Wept statue at Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral and will end at the United Methodist First Church where a prayer service will be held.

Coakley also asked for prayer for the organizer of the satanic event:

“I also ask that we pray for the conversion of this man and for all who have not yet come to know the Lord of Life,” he said.

Coakley said he hopes the local government will not discriminate against Christianity, even though they did not take action to stop the planned desecration of the statue

Source: Oklahoma: Christians to Counter Satanist Event with Prayer – Christian News Headlines