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Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don’t Go to Church, Barna Finds

TRUTH BOMBS: The Untethered generation!


While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls, a new Barna study has found.

Barna has released a report on the first of a two-part exploration of faith and spirituality outside the church, looking at the “fascinating segment of the American population who, as the saying goes, ‘love Jesus but not the church.'”

Source: Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don’t Go to Church, Barna Finds

Dave Daubenmire — Christ-Less Conservatism



America is a mess and it is getting messier every day. If you think I am wrong I invite you to spend a couple of hours with a group of high school seniors.

I don’t care where you find them. I don’t care if it is in a school, at a mall, or, dare I say it, a Christian youth group at your local church. You will be hard pressed to find any of those students who hold and are able to defend a truly Biblical worldview.

The fake left has been successful in classifying hard-core Biblical beliefs as “hate” speech. Because the worst thing anyone can do today is hate something even the adoption of Christian values has to be given a different name. It is very unusual to find any young person who will self-identify as a Christian when questioned regarding his/her political ideology.

Christians have modified their Christian beliefs and have instead adopted the much more politically correct identity of “conservative.” Christianity is “hateful” and ‘judgmental” while conservatism is “tolerant” and “accepting”. Whole churches have become “conservative” or “liberal” based on their political leanings in regards to their acceptance of hard-core Biblical beliefs.

Because the church has refused to get involved in the political debate the fake left has engaged in a cultural rebranding that divides Christians along cultural issues into a conglomerate of a cornucopia of political beliefs. It is so bad today that the term Christian is no longer a standalone ideology but one that requires hyphenization…conservative-Christian, moderate-Christian, liberal Christian.

The divide and conquer strategy has come home to roost. Christianity is no longer a self-describing political position. They have so successfully divided us that Christians no longer identify as Bible believers but as pro-this and anti-that political categories.

You see, Christianity has become a meaningless term…even to those who claim Christ as their Savior. A few years ago I wrote a commentary called Conservatism is Pretend Salt which attempted to explain the sellout of Biblical beliefs to the murky meaningless term…conservatism.

We now have homosexual conservatives, pro-marriage conservatives, compassionate conservatives, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and my favorite, Christian conservatives.

This all came to head this weekend when youthful conservative Tomi Lahren was exposed as a new breed of conservative…pro-choice. The Twitter world exploded with social conservatives who had been fooled into believing that Tomi was one of them. Even though they reacted with disgusted, they failed to realize that they had long ago forfeited their right to indignation when they subjugate their Christianity to the more politically correct conservative.

Source: Dave Daubenmire — Christ-Less Conservatism

Matt Walsh: Our modern opinions are irrelevant. God’s Word is not up for a vote. – TheBlaze

A new study has been released showing that a majority of Americans are in favor of female pastors and priests. Of course, this isn’t at all surprising. It’s been a while since Scripture has enjoyed popular support in this country. There are probably more Americans studying “50 Shades of Grey” every night than the Bible, so you can’t really expect the mass of people to have a biblically literate view of things.

Still, the topic is worth a little attention because, breaking the numbers down, it’s revealed that over 70 percent of mainline Protestants support female pastors, while 80 percent of Catholics feel the same way. A full 62 percent of those who identify themselves as “practicing Christians” are on board with ignoring clear Biblical teaching on this topic (and many other topics). Only Evangelicals are, as a majority, in favor of sticking with the precedent set by Jesus and Paul and Adam and the prophets and the Church Fathers. But even in their case, it’s not a very large majority.

And why have all of these “practicing Christians” come down on this side of the question? They certainly didn’t arrive at it from consulting the Bible or thousands of years of Christian tradition, both of which are unmistakably clear.

Source: Matt Walsh: Our modern opinions are irrelevant. God’s Word is not up for a vote. – TheBlaze

Poll Reveals 5 Key Findings on Religion in the U.S.

A recent Gallup poll on religion, and particularly Christianity, in America has revealed five specific noteworthy trends. reports on the findings of the poll, which overall revealed that, at least for the short-term, Americans are becoming less religious.

1. The poll found that while America remains a predominantly Christian nation overall, it is becoming less so than in years past.

While seventy-four percent of Americans identify as Christians, this is down six points from 2008. Also, those who who do not identify with any religion–so-called “nones–have increased by six points since 2008.

Back in the 1940s and ‘50s, when Gallup began collecting data about religious affiliation, nine in 10 Americans identified as Christians, with the only other significant group identifying as Jewish.

2. Although Christianity is still the predominant religion in America, formal religious identification is decreasing.

About one in five Americans say they do not have a formal religious identity and are not members of a church, synagogue, or mosque. In the 1940s and ‘50s, only two to three percent of Americans said they did not have a formal religious identity.

3. Over half of Americans still say that religion plays an important role in their lives.

Fifty-three percent said that religion is a “very important” part of their lives. While this is still a majority, the number was as high as 70 percent in 1965. The number has fluctuated through the years, however, and the current numbers are about equal to those of the years 1978 and 1987.

4. A majority of Americans believe that religion is losing influence in society.

Seventy-two percent believe that religion is declining in American life. This number has gone consistently up over the years, except for specific periods of time such as in 1957, as well as shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

5. Religion tends to correlate to political affiliation.

On the whole, Republicans tend to identify as religious more often than Democrats. Just over half of Republicans are “highly religious” and regularly attend religious services, while only a third of Democrats identify as the same.

Source: Poll Reveals 5 Key Findings on Religion in the U.S.

Church facing $12,000 fine for letting homeless people sleep on property | WSB-TV

TRUTH BOMBS: But what happened to the separation of Church and State? Shouldn’t the State be minding their own business?

ARTICLE: DUNDALK, Md. – Patapsco United Methodist Church is in Dundalk, Maryland, not far from Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Sometimes, at night, homeless people with nowhere else to go will sleep on church grounds, taking advantage of the promise of safety that a church often represents.

But in the future, those people may have to find another place to sleep, because the church may be fined out of existence by local government.

According to Yahoo News, Rev. Katie Grover found a $12,000 citation attached to a church door  when she went to the church one morning recently.

The citation said that the church had violated a county regulation that prohibits “non-permitted rooming and boarding” and that the church failed to “cease exterior use of property as housing units.” An inspector’s comments noted that “People (were) still living in (the) rear of (the) property under tarped area.”

“We feel, we here as a church, that it’s scriptural mandate, that it’s an imperative to care for the least, the last, the lost, the poor, the hungry,” Grover told WMAR.

Failure to evict the homeless people from the area would require the church to pay the $12,000 county fine, straining the small congregation’s budget, Yahoo reported. The fine grows by $200 each day the church doesn’t comply.

“I’m not trying to be adversarial with anyone. We’re just trying to do what a church is called to do, and that’s to love people,” Grover told Yahoo. “In Scripture, it talks about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick. Whatever we’ve done to the least of these, it’s as if we’ve done it to Christ himself.”

Authorities were made aware of the homeless people using the area to sleep after a neighbor who owns a fruit stand business next door complained to the county. The neighbor, Chester Bartko, is unhappy because he said some of the homeless people have urinated on his apple tree, causing it to stop producing the fruit. Bartko said his business has been affected in other ways, too.

“We have a greenhouse, and we sell flowers and shrubbery, and the homeless started camping right next to our retail sales area,” Bartko told WMAR.

Representatives of Patapsco were scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to fight the county’s order.

If the congregation puts up a “no trespassing” sign, it can escape the fine.

“Who, then, is welcome to the church?” Grover said. “Mary and Joseph gave birth to the Messiah in a stable because there wasn’t any room for them anywhere else. Here we are in this Christmas season where we celebrate the coming of Christ, and we’re battling whether a person can sleep outside on a bench.”

Source: Church facing $12,000 fine for letting homeless people sleep on property | WSB-TV

Major decision on gender mandate for churches

TRUTH BOMBS: A Victory! But it is not over yet. Christians must continue to be the example and guidance in our culture.

ARTICLE:  A strategy that has surfaced in several states to require churches to accommodate transgendered people by calling their buildings “places of public accommodation” has been reversed in Massachusetts after state officials were sued over the alleged constitutional violations. The Alliance Defending Freedom says four Massachusetts churches and their pastors are voluntarily dismissing their lawsuit after the […]

Source: Major decision on gender mandate for churches