Suspected Car Bomb Explodes in Swedish Capital Stockholm

A suspected car bomb exploded in the Swedish capital of Stockholm Thursday night.Several police patrols scrambled to the scene in Hägerstensåsen, a suburb in the south of the city, just after 10 pm on Thursday evening.The explosion was said to have shaken nearby buildings, and there were several people in the area. No one was injured.One witness told Swedish paper Expressen that such extreme events have become so commonplace in the once peaceful nation they were not shocked.“We heard something that sounded like an explosion. It happens so much these days, so you do not really care… apart from the sound, it passed unnoticed,” they said.A police source told P4 Stockholm they believe the explosives were placed in the wheel arch of the vehicle.“Yes, it was some kind of explosion next to a car. Our technicians were on site during the night and the road was sealed off but we do not want to speculate on what happened,” police spokesman Kjell Lindgren told Stockholm Direkt.On Wednesday, two men were shot and later died in the Stockholm suburb of Kista in a suspected double murder.

Source: Suspected Car Bomb Explodes in Swedish Capital Stockholm

Schools close down so feminists can march

Dozens of public schools across America are closing Wednesday as hundreds of teachers go on strike to partake in “A Day Without a Woman.”

The are protesting for “gender equality” and against President Donald Trump.

Women and “gender-nonconforming” participants in the feminist event are encouraged to skip work, wear red and avoid shopping anywhere but in businesses owned by women and minorities.

Males who want to celebrate “A Day Without a Woman” have been instructed to carry out domestic chores, tend to child care and spark conversation about gender equality at work.

Source: Schools close down so feminists can march

Gunmen dressed as doctors kill 38 in Kabul hospital attack – Breitbart

Kabul (AFP) – Gunmen disguised as doctors stormed Afghanistan’s largest military hospital Wednesday, killing at least 38 people in a six-hour attack claimed by the Islamic State group as it makes inroads into the war-battered country.

More than 70 others were wounded in the assault on the Sardar Daud Khan hospital, with explosions and gunfire rattling Kabul’s diplomatic district as dense clouds of smoke rose in the sky.

Medical staff hunkered down in the hospital wards posted desperate messages for help on social media, with television footage showing some of them trapped on the ledge of a top-floor window.

“Attackers are inside the hospital. Pray for us,” a hospital staff member wrote on Facebook.

Hospital administrators told AFP three gunmen wearing white laboratory coats began spraying bullets after a suicide bomber on foot blew himself up at the backdoor entrance, sparking chaos inside the 400-bed facility.

“I saw one of the attackers, armed with an AK-47 and dressed as a doctor, shooting at patients and guards on the third floor,” hospital nurse Abdul Qadeer told AFP.

“They shot my friend but I managed to flee… I had to jump over the barbed wire to escape.”

At least two other loud explosions — including what the defence ministry called a car bomb in the hospital’s parking lot — were heard as Afghan special forces launched a clearance operation that lasted around six hours.

– ‘Criminal act’ –

The attackers were gunned down after special forces landed on the roof of the hospital in a military helicopter.

“The attack in the capital’s central Wazir Akbar Khan neighbourhood has killed 38 people and wounded more than 70,” the Italian-run Emergency hospital said in a statement, adding that a seven-year-old boy was among those seriously injured.

The raid highlights how Afghanistan’s warring parties, including government forces, have repeatedly targeted medical facilities, decimating the country’s fragile health system and preventing conflict-displaced civilians from accessing life-saving care.

“This egregious and morally reprehensible attack targeted people at their most vulnerable, while they were receiving treatment in the hospital, and also targeted the medical staff caring for them,” said the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

“This cowardly attack reflects a fundamental rejection of the most basic principles of humanity. Without question, it amounts to an atrocity, and the perpetrators must be held accountable.”

Islamic State jihadists claimed the attack via a verified Telegram account.

Source: Gunmen dressed as doctors kill 38 in Kabul hospital attack – Breitbart

1-Minute Bible Love Notes: 5 Lies About God’s Character Promoted in “The Shack” – Scripture vs. Shack

TRUTH BOMBS: This is a Good, well documented article. Christians beware of this book.

Article: There are commendable things about the message of The Shack. In some areas, the author offers hope and compassion that is Biblical.

Unfortunately, author Wm Paul Young admits he isn’t comfortable with some Biblical teachings, specifically the Bible’s teaching that only those who follow Christ are saved (The Doctrine of “The Shack” Author, in His Own Words)

I would not recommend The Shack to an unbeliever or new Christian because of the book’s presentation of Universal Salvation. And I strongly urge all Christians exercise caution and discernment when reading it.

Fictional representations of God can never perfectly represent God, but the representations of Father, Son and Spirit in The Shack are in riddled with Biblical error.

The list below is not all inclusive, but I’ve listed five characteristics of The Shack’s god that warrant our attention. Scroll down to read about each point with full Scripture references and helpful resources to study these subjects further.

  1. The Shack’s god doesn’t punish people.
  2. The Shack’s god says punishment is never about destruction.
  3. The Shack’s god says he has no expectations for anyone.
  4. The Shack’s god is never disappointed in anyone.
  5. The Shack’s jesus denies his life is meant to be an example for others.

Source: 1-Minute Bible Love Notes: 5 Lies About God’s Character Promoted in “The Shack” – Scripture vs. Shack