U.S. military appeals court upholds dismissal of Christian Marine over Bible verse | Christian News on Christian Today

TRUTH BOMBS: Many Christians still live with their heads in the sand about the persecution in the US. Yes it does look different then in other countries where Christians are giving their very lives for the Kingdom of Christ, but that does not mean there isn’t persecution. This article reflects the removal of religious freedoms from members of the armed forces. I can think of no other place where God is so desperately needed. There are no atheists in foxholes.

ARTICLE: The United States military’s appeals court has upheld the bad-conduct discharge of a Christian Marine who posted Bible verses at her computer desk but was ordered to remove it.

In a 4-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) in Washington ruled against former Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, who was court-martialed for posting the Bible verse Isaiah 54:17, which says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,” according to the Associated Press.

Sterling was convicted by a military court in 2014 for six offences mainly because of the Bible verse. She was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

According to Liberty Institute, which represented Sterling in her appeal, she printed the Bible verse in May 2013 and posted it on three places at her workspace.

But when her supervisor saw it, he ordered her to remove it, saying, “I don’t like the tone.”

Sterling refused to take it down, believing that it was her First Amendment right to post the Bible verse. The following morning, she found out the posts were removed.

She reprinted copies and posted them again. The next day, she found again that these were thrown in the trash.

During the trial, Sterling represented herself and invoked the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in defending her posting the verse.

The court ruled against her. She lost her appeal at the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and at the CAAF.

First Liberty announced that they will appeal her case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of First Liberty, described the CAAF decision as “absolutely outrageous.”

“A few judges decided they could strip a Marine of her constitutional rights just because they didn’t think her beliefs were important enough to be protected. If they can court-martial a Marine over a Bible verse, what’s to stop them from punishing service members for reading the Bible, talking about their faith, or praying?” she said.

The institute’s Michael Berry said First Liberty is appealing the case to the U.S. Supreme Court for justice and precedent.

“Ms. Sterling posted the Bible verse as an expression of her faith – an expression which should have been protected by RFRA,” said Berry. “Our Marines give up many freedoms when serving, but religious freedom is never one of them. The First Amendment, RFRA, and military code all protect service members’ right to express their faith freely.”

Source: U.S. military appeals court upholds dismissal of Christian Marine over Bible verse | Christian News on Christian Today

Salon: GOP Must Dump Jesus in ‘Post-Christian America’

TRUTH BOMBS: Not just Post Christian America, but Pagan America. The left “tolerates” any group but Christians in order to find the fictitious neutral ground. This is the neutrality fallacy. They are pushing out any worldview but their own.


Salon Magazine has accused the Republican Party of being out of touch with “post-Christian America,” warning the GOP that if it doesn’t renege on its alliance with Christianity, it will soon become irrelevant.

Ted Cruz’s failure to get the GOP nomination, Matthew Sheffield proclaims in Salon, “is a perfect window into trends that will set the pace of American politics for decades to come: Americans are moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican.”

To back up his claims, Sheffield cites the 2014 Pew Research study finding that 23 percent of Americans say they’re “unaffiliated” with any religious tradition, up from 20 percent just three years earlier.

The trend away from religion, and Christianity in particular, Sheffield argues, is the real cause of Republicans’ woes and their failure to win the last two elections.

“The likely reason why Republicans have declined in popularity among the non-religious is GOP’s long habit of identifying itself as a Christian party,” he states. “The later attempt to add in a “Judeo-” prefix has done little to stop the bleeding.”

While the statistics showing a rise in the religiously unaffiliated are undoubtedly sobering to people of faith, Sheffield fails to mention that the very same Pew study showed that over 70 percent of Americans continue to identify as Christian. That means that to an overwhelming majority of Americans, God matters.

And while Sheffield rightly notes that atheists overwhelmingly vote Democrat, he comes up with the unlikely conclusion that Republicans should slough off their historical friendliness with religion in order to keep up with social trends. In other words, Republicans should repeat the Democrats’ mistakes of alienating the pro-life community, religious believers, and traditional families in the hopes of pandering to the relatively small group of religiously unaffiliated.

While observing that “the religiously unaffiliated appear to have a real preference for Democrats,” Sheffield insists that Republicans could cut into the Democrats’ voter base if they would just abandon the illusion that Americans still care about God.

“While secular people have always favored Democrats for as long as the data goes back,” Sheffield says, “the situation has actually become even worse in recent years for the GOP.”

If the GOP would just sell its soul and dump its religious constituency, Sheffield suggests, things would go a whole lot better. This includes a full embrace of same-sex marriage and other positions at odds with Biblical morality, in the name of political expediency.

“Regardless of what happens to GOP candidates in November, Christian conservatives face a choice,” Sheffield concludes. “They can embrace identity politics and become a small group of frustrated Christian nationalists who grow ever more resentful toward their fellow Americans, or they can embrace reality and render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.”

Many other plausible theories could be advanced as to why the Republican Party lost the last two elections, none of which would involve its supposed over-dependency on the Christianity of its base.

Nonetheless, a more important consideration should be made here.

Although the Republican Party espouses no particular religion and many of its members care more about the economy and national security than religious belief, the GOP has been a home to many people of faith, including those who have felt betrayed by the Democrats’ callous treatment of believing Christians and Jews.

What Sheffield seems not to realize is that for many Americans, the choice of being Christian is not just a means to a secular end. Embracing or rejecting faith in God is not the result of a political calculus whose ultimate goal is mirroring societal trends and thus achieving popularity and victory. To let social surveys dictate one’s political platform, raising a finger to the wind every time fashions change, is to have the shallowest of views of the meaning of politics.

Many Americans still believe that political parties should ultimately be guided not just by pragmatism and polls, but by deeply held convictions concerning the common good, justice, truth, and the welfare of all citizens.

And for many, those convictions not only tolerate religious faith, they are born of it and sustained by it.

Source: Salon: GOP Must Dump Jesus in ‘Post-Christian America’

Study: Fewer Americans Believe in God and Miracles – Christian News Headlines

A new study has revealed that more and more Americans are leaving church, and one of the reasons is lack of belief in miracles.

The Washington Examiner reports that a Pew Research Center study revealed that half of Americans who have left church say they no longer believe in God. The number of people in the country who don’t believe in God is also reportedly growing.

These so-called “nones” say they left church and stopped believing in God for a number of reasons, some of which include not liking organized religion, “common sense,” and believing science trumps miracles.

Representatives from the study also interviewed participants in order to determine the reason for this trend.

“About half of current religious ‘nones’ who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention ‘science’ as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said ‘I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.’ Others reference ‘common sense,’ ‘logic’ or a ‘lack of evidence’ – or simply say they do not believe in God,” researchers reported.

Other reasons people cited for leaving church and not believing in God included “Learning about evolution when I went away to college, “Too many Christians doing un-Christian things,” and “Because I think religion is not a religion anymore. It’s a business…it’s all about money.”

Source: Study: Fewer Americans Believe in God and Miracles – Christian News Headlines

How Can Black Lives Matter When 20 Million Black Babies Have Been Aborted, Black Pastor Asks – Christian News Headlines

Clenard Childress, senior pastor for New Calvary Baptist in New Jersey, writes in an opinion column that the Black Lives Matter movement needs to separate itself from Planned Parenthood.

“Yet there has never been a ‘stranger paradox’ than the announcement that Planned Parenthood is in collaboration with ‘Black Life Matters,’ the epitome of oxymoronic examples,” he writes in the column.

“Black Life Matters is partnering with an institution which was designed with the hope of completely eliminating African American people,” he writes in the column for LifeNews.com. “Some would call this genocide, for this same organization is responsible for over twenty million (20,000,000) African Americans missing by sanctioned murder in America.”

Childress says that the partnership with Planned Parenthood will make people question the “true motives of Black Lives Matters.” He suggests re-reading the works of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, whom he calls a “true elder.”

“I am for social justice but the King of Love – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King – showed us the way he had received from the King of Kings. African Americans need to step back, look, and ask for discernment.”

Source: How Can Black Lives Matter When 20 Million Black Babies Have Been Aborted, Black Pastor Asks – Christian News Headlines

An Arkansas Judge Sent A Cancer Patient To ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Over A Few Bounced Checks

WASHINGTON ― Lee Robertson’s trouble began in late 2009, when he was undergoing his first stint of chemotherapy to battle the pancreatic cancer that had made it impossible for him to work. In the course of two weeks, Robertson wrote 11 checks at stores near his home for small amounts ranging from $5 to $41.

Robertson started off owing a few stores about $200. Six years and seven arrests later, in a closed courtroom in Sherwood District Court in Arkansas, Judge Milas “Butch” Hale sentenced the cancer patient to 90 days in jail. His crime? Owing the court $3,054.51.

That was last month. Robertson, 44, is now one of the plaintiffs in a class action federal civil rights lawsuit filed this week by the Arkansas Civil Liberties Union and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. The suit aims to take on what has been described as a “modern-day debtors’ prison” in the city of Sherwood. Similar practices exist in courts around the country, including in several cities in St. Louis County, which received attention for their debt collection practices following the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, two years ago. Groups like Equal Justice Under Law, ArchCity Defenders, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the American Civil Liberties Union have been mounting challenges to unconstitutional court practices in many parts of the nation.

In Sherwood, the “Hot Check Division” of the municipal court is drawing scrutiny. While the division is supposed to be part of the municipal court, the city has marketed the division to the business community in Pulaski County, according to the lawsuit. Sherwood lists the division as a “department” on its website, and calls the court’s work a “service” for merchants ― one that issues “over 35,000 warrants annually” on charges in connection with bad checks. The court collected nearly $12 million in five years.

The new lawsuit describes a “lucrative” system in Sherwood that only barely resembles an actual court or independent judicial process. Bailiffs tell defendants that the court is closed, not allowing family and friends inside, and defendants are forced to sign a “waiver of counsel” form to enter the courtroom, meaning they forfeit their right to an attorney.

The suit claims that the Sherwood Police Department acts as an “extension” of the court’s “collections scheme,” arresting hundreds of people on “failure to pay” or “failure to appear” charges and helping the district court contribute nearly 12 percent of the city’s budget. Each overdrawn check, no matter how small, can bring in $400 in fines and fees, plus restitution for the amount of the check

Source: An Arkansas Judge Sent A Cancer Patient To ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Over A Few Bounced Checks

It’s not un-Christian to worry about refugees in US, religious freedom advocate says | Fox News

Christian religious freedom activist Faith McDonnell is pushing back against the notion that it is unchristian to voice concerns with how the State Department is resettling refugees from Syria and other terrorist hot spots in the Middle East.

McDonnell, the the director of Religious Liberty Programs and the Church Alliance for a New Sudan at the Washington-based think tank Institute on Religion and Democracy, told The Christian Post on Monday that it’s reasonable for Christians to voice concern about how the State Department is resettling only a minuscule percentage of Christian refugees from Syria and voice concern that the havoc being wrecked by Muslim refugees in Europe could also occur in America.

McDonnell took issue with recent remarks issued by Matthew Soerens, the U.S. director of church mobilization for the evangelical refugee resettlement organization World Relief.

Soerens, who works for one of nine agencies authorized by the State Department to resettle refugees inside the U.S., told CP this month that the notion that the State Department has an “anti-Christian bias” is baseless when looking at refugee resettlement numbers.

He pointed to State Department Refugee Processing Center data which shows that more Christian refugees have been resettled in the U.S. in the time-span between Jan. 1, 2006, and Dec. 31, 2015, than refugees with other religious affiliations.

Although more Christian refugees might have been resettled in the U.S. than any other religious group in the last decade, McDonnell points out her concern with the fact that the government has begun resettling more and more Muslim refugees from terrorist hot spots in the Middle East over the last few years and are now accepting more Muslim refugees than Christian.

In the last year since Oct. 1, 2015, more Muslim refugees (over 30,500) have been resettled in the U.S. than Christian refugees (nearly 29,000), according to the State Department Refugee Processing Center data. CNS News reports that this is the first time in over a decade the U.S. has resettled more Muslim refugees than Christians refugees.

Source: It’s not un-Christian to worry about refugees in US, religious freedom advocate says | Fox News

Kansas man faces sentencing for role in foiled bomb plot | CTV News

TRUTH BOMBS: So you think that the US is different that the other countries that are experiencing a surge in islamic violence? Think again! Wake up to the truth that islam is inherently evil.

ARTICLE: WICHITA, Kan. — Alexander Blair has admitted his role in a foiled terrorist attack: aiding a wannabe Islamic State jihadist’s plan to detonate what they thought was a bomb at a Kansas military post to kill or maim as many U.S. service members as possible. Blair says “nobody is perfect” and blames a genetic disorder for allowing others to take advantage of him.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree will weigh that and other factors Wednesday when he hears testimony and arguments as he calculates how much prison time, if any, the 29-year-old Topeka man should serve.

Blair pleaded guilty in May to a conspiracy count that carries up to five years’ imprisonment. He admitted loaning John T. Booker $100, knowing it would be used to pay for storage of the device, which was a fake bomb given to Booker by undercover FBI agents during a sting operation. Investigators say Booker planned to detonate it in April 2015 outside Fort Riley, about 60 miles west of Topeka.

Booker, of Topeka, was arrested outside the post as he was trying to arm what he thought was a 1,000-pound explosive device. He pleaded guilty in February to one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of attempting to destroy government property with an explosive device. His plea deal calls for him to serve 30 years in prison, but a sentencing hearing has not been set.

Prosecutors are seeking the maximum sentence for Blair, arguing that the government already considered his learning disability, known as Williams Syndrome, and his limited role in the plot when it charged him with a lesser crime than Booker. His defence attorney is asking for probation.

“I am not a Hardliner Jihadi, I am just a human being that made a big mistake,” Blair wrote in a letter to the judge. “Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes at some point in our lives. This was mine.”

Three months before his arrest, Blair began attending the Islamic Center of Topeka where Booker befriended him. Blair’s attorney, Christopher Joseph, argued in a court filing that his client’s “unique biological constitution made him particularly vulnerable and naive in his interactions with Booker.”

Joseph cited the findings of forensic psychiatrist Stephen E. Peterson, who reported that Blair has great difficulty keeping friends and has a bit of a “puppy syndrome.”

The government countered that Blair’s excuses do not negate the chilling statements he made in an interview with FBI agents in which he acknowledged knowing the specifics of Booker’s plan when he loaned him the money.

When agents asked how it would weigh on him that women and children would be killed because he failed to tell authorities of Booker’s plan, Blair told them that in the war on terror, U.S. soldiers bomb towns and kill women and children. He also differentiated civilians from the military, telling agents “that’s what (soldiers) signed up for.”

Source: Kansas man faces sentencing for role in foiled bomb plot | CTV News

State University Now Offers ‘Stop White People’ Training | Daily Wire

TRUTH BOMBS: This is the philosophical consequence of not valuing human life in general. ALL LIVES MATTER.

ARTICLE: The State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton is now offering a course called “#StopWhitePeople2K16” as part of routine training for residential assistants.

The university’s residential assistant training schedule lists “#StopWhitePeople2016” on its roster, with the mission of giving RA’s an “overview of disabilities in Higher Education.”

The presenters of the course, Ciaran Slattery, Nicholas Pulakos, and Urenna Nwogwugwu, are all RAs at the state-funded college, which describes itself as New York’s highest-ranking public college. They state their purpose is to “help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within,” presumably the “white” society they plan to “stop” at the event.

The three RAs claim they will give “#StopWhitePeople2K16” course attendees the “tools” to respond to “uneducated people” with “‘good’ arguments.” You know, the people who preach mutual respect, equality under God, and constitutional freedoms. Those people.

They also state they will help other RAs at the state-funded college “hopefully expand upon what they may already know”: that white people are cancer, of course.

College RAs hold important roles in college residential and dormitory life, serving as mentors, counselors, and peers to the student residents they oversee. “These people should be sensitive to the issues of their residents, and to be prejudiced against someone on the basis of his or her skin color would seem, just like the hashtag itself, petty,” student Howard Hecht noted.

Binghamton Review, the university’s conservative student paper, publicized the course schedule, noting the university “seems to endorse it as a proper part of a RA training.” It was added:

At a public, state funded university, to potentially see racism endorsed is a frightening prospect for the future of higher education.

Source: State University Now Offers ‘Stop White People’ Training | Daily Wire

Japan: Father stabs son who wasn’t studying for school exam, say reports | world-news | Hindustan Times

TRUTH BOMBS: Pagans do not see a problem with this. Atheists will claim it is immoral but cannot say why. Without God we are all left with nothing but evil.

ARTICLE: A Japanese father stabbed his 12-year-old son to death after complaining the boy was failing to study for a school entrance exam, media said on Tuesday.Kengo Satake, the boy’s 48-year-old father, told police that he “argued with his son for not studying” before a test to enter a private junior high school, public broadcaster NHK reported.Competition for entry to the best schools in Japan is intense. Admission to a prestigious one is seen as having a decisive impact on a child’s future prospects.The son, named Ryota, was taken to hospital on Sunday after the stabbing but died from loss of blood, Aichi prefectural police in the central city of Nagoya told AFP.“The father stabbed his son in the chest with a kitchen knife,” a police spokesperson said, declining to provide details of the motive.The father was arrested after police got a call from hospital staff, he said.Satake reportedly told police he had stabbed his son “by mistake”.The boy was aiming to enter one of the leading private schools in Aichi prefecture and his father had regularly scolded him over his studies, NHK said, citing people with knowledge of the family.The boy’s mother was at work when the incident occurred, the Asahi Shimbun daily reported.

Source: Japan: Father stabs son who wasn’t studying for school exam, say reports | world-news | Hindustan Times

Georgia: 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens? | Creeping Sharia

“…I will leave it up to people in the community to decide for themselves why it was called the Avery Community Church and Cemetery until last week~ District 1 Commissioner John Douglas

Source: Newton County Residents Voice Fears At Mosque Meeting | WABE 90.1 FM

Hundreds were at a Monday night meeting in Newton County about a proposed Muslim worship center and burial facility there.

The historic Covington Courthouse was packed for two back-to-back meetings.

Most were opposed to the purchase of 135 acres along Highway 162 by a mostly Bangladeshi mosque based in Doraville.

When Newton County resident Edmond Hall took to the podium he called the people gathered the “silent majority.”

Then he spoke about the proposed facility.

“I don’t want these people and these teachings in our community. Were we not watching our TV on Sept. 11, 2001. Have we lost our mind? Have we lost our common sense here?” said Hall.

Many people said they were scared the new mosque would lead to attacks similar to recent mass shootings in Paris and Orlando, Florida.

A few people in support of the proposed Muslim facility called the comparison to mass attacks “hateful.”

“When I heard that there is a mosque built there I was excited,” said Zouhir Fakir, a Muslim who’s lived in Newton County for eight years, “something nice, you feel like you belong here. There is a place where you can go worship and maybe meet other Muslims and stuff. But then when I heard the reaction from other people I was surprised.”

The Doraville mosque already has an administrative permit for the 135 acres it owns. But last week, the county commission instituted a five week moratorium on building any new religious facilities.

Civil rights groups have threatened a lawsuit against the county for religious discrimination.

Imam Mohammad Islam, the leader of the Doraville mosque that purchased the property in Newton County, was not at the public meeting Monday night.

Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has been working closely with Islam following response to the proposal for the new facility.

Mitchell said the Doraville mosque received advice “it would be better and safer” for Muslims not to attend the meeting.

“We think it would safer to let the crowd there say what they want in that environment, and then let church and community leaders meet privately with the leadership of the mosque to ask any questions they have and to dialogue in a safe and protected environment,” said Mitchell.

Georgia CAIR and the Georgia branch of the NAACP were scheduled to hold a press conference Tuesday regarding their request that the U.S. Department of Justice Investigate Newton County over the moratorium.

Source: Georgia: 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens? | Creeping Sharia