Alabama Senate Votes to Give Church Its Own Police Force


The Alabama Senate has granted a large church the right to create their own police force.

Christian Today reports that the 4,000-member church says it needs its own police force to keep its congregation safe, especially with the many events the church holds every year and the increased violence directed at church congregations.

Attorney Eric Johnston, who is behind the bill, stressed the need Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham has for the police force:

“We’ve got over 30,000 events a year that take place at Briarwood – going on all day, all night, at the school, at the church, at the seminary,” said Johnston. “We have to hire policemen all the time. It would be so much easier to have someone on staff.”

The bill passed in a 24-4 vote.

Critics of the bill, however, say that granting a church its own police force is an unprecedented move and could lead to covering up of abuse within the church.

Alabama has previously granted private universities their own police force, but has never done so before for a church.

Alabama has also recently been dealing with a scandal at its highest levels of government. The state’s governor, Robert Bentley resigned on Monday, following allegations of extramarital affairs and misusing campaign funds.

Source: Alabama Senate Votes to Give Church Its Own Police Force

Investigation After Copies Of Quran Discovered In UT Dallas Toilet « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

TRUTH BOMBS: My question is this: Will the Media, the university, and the police treat the desecration of the Christina Bible the same way? Remember the book Animal Farm….. some are more equal than others.

ARTICLE: Police at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) are investigating how two copies of a holy book ended up in a toilet on the campus.

Source: Investigation After Copies Of Quran Discovered In UT Dallas Toilet « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Trappist-1’s planets not in habitable zone –

TRUTH BOMBS: And people go on trusting these atheistic scientists with their immortal souls. They believe in evolution, something from nothing, and other non observable myths.


Article: On 3 March 2017, we reported on the February 2017 announcement by NASA of their discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the red dwarf star Trappist-1.1 These planets (identified in order of their distance from their star as Trappist-1: b, c, d, e, f, g, and h) vary in diameter compared to Earth from 23% smaller to 13% larger, but there the similarity ends and there is very little else about them that is like Earth. In particular, newspaper claims that they are covered in oceans of water are gross speculation, despite hugely imaginative artist’s illustrations, published by NASA.

Source: Trappist-1’s planets not in habitable zone –

Town where Muslims assaulted 5-year-old wants more refugees

TRUTH BOMBS: Right here is the US! This report isn’t from Germany or Sweden, where it is an outright rape epidemic by muslim immigrants, but right here in America. They do this in their origin country so why would they do anything different here?

ARTICLE: In the same week that three refugee boys pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, the mayor and council floated the idea of passing a resolution declaring Twin Falls a “welcoming city” for illegals and refugees. On Tuesday, three refugee boys — two from Iraq ages 7 and 10, and […]

Source: Town where Muslims assaulted 5-year-old wants more refugees

Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don’t Go to Church, Barna Finds

TRUTH BOMBS: The Untethered generation!


While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls, a new Barna study has found.

Barna has released a report on the first of a two-part exploration of faith and spirituality outside the church, looking at the “fascinating segment of the American population who, as the saying goes, ‘love Jesus but not the church.'”

Source: Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don’t Go to Church, Barna Finds

Dave Daubenmire — Christ-Less Conservatism



America is a mess and it is getting messier every day. If you think I am wrong I invite you to spend a couple of hours with a group of high school seniors.

I don’t care where you find them. I don’t care if it is in a school, at a mall, or, dare I say it, a Christian youth group at your local church. You will be hard pressed to find any of those students who hold and are able to defend a truly Biblical worldview.

The fake left has been successful in classifying hard-core Biblical beliefs as “hate” speech. Because the worst thing anyone can do today is hate something even the adoption of Christian values has to be given a different name. It is very unusual to find any young person who will self-identify as a Christian when questioned regarding his/her political ideology.

Christians have modified their Christian beliefs and have instead adopted the much more politically correct identity of “conservative.” Christianity is “hateful” and ‘judgmental” while conservatism is “tolerant” and “accepting”. Whole churches have become “conservative” or “liberal” based on their political leanings in regards to their acceptance of hard-core Biblical beliefs.

Because the church has refused to get involved in the political debate the fake left has engaged in a cultural rebranding that divides Christians along cultural issues into a conglomerate of a cornucopia of political beliefs. It is so bad today that the term Christian is no longer a standalone ideology but one that requires hyphenization…conservative-Christian, moderate-Christian, liberal Christian.

The divide and conquer strategy has come home to roost. Christianity is no longer a self-describing political position. They have so successfully divided us that Christians no longer identify as Bible believers but as pro-this and anti-that political categories.

You see, Christianity has become a meaningless term…even to those who claim Christ as their Savior. A few years ago I wrote a commentary called Conservatism is Pretend Salt which attempted to explain the sellout of Biblical beliefs to the murky meaningless term…conservatism.

We now have homosexual conservatives, pro-marriage conservatives, compassionate conservatives, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and my favorite, Christian conservatives.

This all came to head this weekend when youthful conservative Tomi Lahren was exposed as a new breed of conservative…pro-choice. The Twitter world exploded with social conservatives who had been fooled into believing that Tomi was one of them. Even though they reacted with disgusted, they failed to realize that they had long ago forfeited their right to indignation when they subjugate their Christianity to the more politically correct conservative.

Source: Dave Daubenmire — Christ-Less Conservatism

Air Force punishes Christian even though probe cleared him

U.S. Air Force officials at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas have been warned by a law firm that they need to withdraw punitive notations from an officer’s personnel file concerning his view of homosexual behavior or face legal action, because they were added on the whim of another officer.An investigation by the military had cleared Air Force Col. Michael Madrid of a claim that he made derogatory statements about homosexuality. The complaint had been submitted by a homosexual airman who was court-martialed and found guilty of serious misconduct prompting his removal from the service.Madrid, a decorated Air Force veteran, former Naval aviator and flight surgeon who has served America’s defense forces for 26 years, is a Christian who believes that marriage is the sacred union of a man and a woman.But a thorough Air Force investigation found the allegations unsubstantiated, cleared Madrid of charges and closed the investigation.Read the WND book that inspired the film, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph” – autographed at the WND Superstore!Then, however, a new commander, Maj. Gen. John E. McCoy “without any new evidence or new investigation … arbitrarily decided that Madrid had lied during the investigation and was guilty of the airman’s accusation of making derogatory comments about homosexuality,” according to a letter from First Liberty Institute to base commander Maj. Gen. Mark Brown insisting that McCoy’s “letter of admonishment” and “unfavorable information file” be removed.

Source: Air Force punishes Christian even though probe cleared him

Mike Pence and Dining with Other Women

The blogosphere erupted with the news that Vice-President Mike Pence won’t eat alone with a woman other than his wife and won’t attend events where there is alcohol without her there. Some people think this reflects some antiquated sexism. I think it shows is a respect for and commitment to his marriage.“You and the Vice-President have something in common,” I told my husband. “You have the same rule about not eating alone with another woman.” This is not because we share a “pretty radically retrograde mindset” that “doesn’t respect women as humans with thoughts and skills to contribute but rather sees them primarily as sexual temptations…” as a Slate article put it. It’s because my husband has too much respect for me and our marriage to risk compromising it, even in the slightest.

Source: Mike Pence and Dining with Other Women