6 thoughts on “Who Created God?”

    1. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
      “It is commonly accepted that there are two sorts of existent entities: those that exist but could have failed to exist, and those that could not have failed to exist. Entities of the first sort are contingent beings; entities of the second sort are necessary beings.”

      God is a Necessary being.

        1. And your rebuttal to centuries known philosophical evidence is………………? Common acceptance is not fact, because it is logically fallacious (argumentum ad populem). Necessary entities are fact.

          1. But which God do you believe in? Thousands of Gods have been believed for centuries, do you believe in the Egyptian Gods that were widely accepted? Centuries of anything isn’t necessarily true just because they stood for a long time.

          2. No No, They are logically true and that is what makes them true. I am not committing argumentum ad antiquitum. Necessary entities are logically true and you are missing that. Your question of which God is irrelevant to context at hand. Read the rest of my posts and you will know.

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