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Mike Pence and Dining with Other Women

The blogosphere erupted with the news that Vice-President Mike Pence won’t eat alone with a woman other than his wife and won’t attend events where there is alcohol without her there. Some people think this reflects some antiquated sexism. I think it shows is a respect for and commitment to his marriage.“You and the Vice-President have something in common,” I told my husband. “You have the same rule about not eating alone with another woman.” This is not because we share a “pretty radically retrograde mindset” that “doesn’t respect women as humans with thoughts and skills to contribute but rather sees them primarily as sexual temptations…” as a Slate article put it. It’s because my husband has too much respect for me and our marriage to risk compromising it, even in the slightest.

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Canada is harvesting the organs of euthanasia patients – Pro-Life – WORLD

A recent push in Canada to encourage euthanasia patients to donate their organs is working.

In Ontario, the first province to report data, 26 people who died by lethal injection decided to donate tissue or organs since the Medical Aid in Dying Act (MAID) came into effect last June, according to the National Post. A total of 388 people have chosen to die by lethal injection in Ontario, over half of the 744 total Canadians who have been euthanized.

Proponents of linking organ harvesting to euthanasia point to the shortage of organ transplants readily available and the lower cost associated with euthanasia than with end-of-life care.

Canadian ethicists Julie Allard and Marie-Chantal Fortin encouraged the joining of euthanasia with organ harvesting in an article in December’s Journal of Medical Ethics.

But even supporters acknowledge the potential unintended consequences. Allard and Fortin warned in their article that encouraging organ harvesting could put pressure on those diagnosed with terminal illness to consider assisted suicide as an alternative sense of purpose.

Jennifer Chandler, professor of policy and ethics at the University of Ottawa, said linking euthanasia with organ harvesting “might create pressure to continue with the MAID” and make it hard for terminally ill people to change their minds about taking their lives.

“The people in the euthanasia lobby want people to think of it as a social good,” Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, told me. Once people accept euthanasia, the logical next step is organ harvesting, Schadenberg said. He pointed to the worldwide push for organ harvesting not hours or minutes after someone’s heart stops, but while their heart is still beating. The practice—which supporters argue will allow the organ to better graft into recipient—is being considered in Belgium and is legal in the Netherlands if patients are brain-damaged and their death seems imminent.

“This is the future in the dark world of euthanasia that we have—euthanasia by organ donation,” Schadenberg said.

He added that this should come as no surprise: “The horrible thing is that we’re killing people. That is absolutely devastating to our culture. But the fact that you’re doing organ donation with it too, is only a natural outcome of the concept of killing people.”


Source: Canada is harvesting the organs of euthanasia patients – Pro-Life – WORLD

WWE Diva Paige confirms private photos and video were stolen, leaked online | Fox News

TRUTH BOMBS: She is getting more attention and support than a wounded veteran right now. Our society has got to stop idolizing people who make rash immoral decisions.


Article: Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.

Source: WWE Diva Paige confirms private photos and video were stolen, leaked online | Fox News

New Study Examines Reasons Women Have Abortions

92% of Women Cite “Social” or “Other” Reasons
New Study Examines Reasons Women Have Abortions

By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D.


Why do women have abortions? For over 15 years, those asking that question have had to rely on a 1987 study that some were concerned might have become outdated in light of the declining number of abortions and shifting abortion demographics.


Now a new study from the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), Planned Parenthood’s special research affiliate, brings our understanding of women’s abortion decisions up to date. While showing that women’s basic reasons have largely remained the same, the study presents some compelling new data that those reaching out to abortion-prone women will want to consider.


A couple of conclusions are very apparent from this data. First, those who wish to use the so-called “hard cases” of rape, incest, life of the mother, and genetic disability to argue for the necessity of abortion on demand will continue to find it difficult to make that case based on the reasons women offer for their abortions. Ninety-two percent cited what might be termed “social” or “other” reasons, rather than medical reasons or sexual assault, as the primary basis for their abortions.


And those who cited medical reasons often appear to have been stating their own opinions (fear that drug or alcohol use may have harmed the baby, inability to handle morning sickness, etc.) rather than reporting any formal diagnosis by a doctor. Less than a percent each of women even mentioned rape or incest as a factor in their abortions at all.


The 2004 study, which appeared in the September 2005 issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly Family Planning Perspectives), surveyed 1,209 abortion patients at 11 large abortion centers across the country. The survey was then followed up with in-depth interviews with 38 women at four centers.1


Women in the first group filled out an eight-page survey identifying their reasons for coming to the clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office to have an abortion, and listed their demographic characteristics, such as age, race, income, marital status, etc. Women from the first group who agreed to sit for 30–60 minute recorded interviews discussing those decisions in more detail constituted the second group.


There were a number of responses women gave to the question as to what was “the most important reason” they had their abortions: they were “not ready for a(nother) child/timing is wrong,” cited by 25%; they “can’t afford a baby now,” cited by 23%; feelings that they had “completed my childbearing/have other people depending on me/children are grown,” cited by 19%; and “having relationship problems/don’t want to be a single mother” was cited by 8%.


An additional 7% identified not feeling “mature enough to raise a(nother) child/feel too young,” while 4% cited their view that the child “would interfere with education or career plans.”


Notably, only 4% cited a “physical problem with my health” as the main factor in their abortions, while 3% identified “possible problems affecting the health of the fetus” as the most important reason behind their decisions.


Less than 0.5% cited each of the following reasons as most significant: rape, a husband or partner’s desire that a woman have an abortion, parental wishes, or a desire to keep others from knowing the woman had sex or got pregnant. AGI listed the remaining 6% as “other.”


Authors of both the 1987 and 2004 studies took the long list of reasons that women cited and tried to assign them to general categories, though they did not necessarily combine these in the same way. As a consequence, reasons that were grouped together in one category in 1987 may have ended up in different categories in 2004.


To try and make comparisons possible, authors of the 2004 study went back and recalculated and re-reported the 1987 reasons as they would have been categorized in 2004. Consequently, numbers would not seem to match up for anyone looking at the original 1987 study and the numbers reported for 1987 in the new study, but this is not necessarily a mistake.


Economic reasons, a feeling of being unable to afford to have a baby, were cited by 23% as the most important reason in 2004 and 21% in 1987. Those citing childbearing concerns or concerns about other dependents as most important jumped from 8% to 19%, while those identifying relationship issues as primary declined (from 13% to 8%).


Women who cited immaturity as the most important reason also dropped from 11% in 1987 to 7% in 2004 as did educational and career interference (from 10% to 4%). “Other” reasons jumped from 1% to 6%. For the most part, the remaining primary reasons were close to what they were in the 1987 survey.


While we have concentrated on women’s most important reason for their abortions, most women in AGI’s survey cited more than one factor in their decisions. Among women citing at least two reasons, the claim of inability to afford the child repeatedly showed up.


High numbers of women also mentioned concerns for how the baby would change their lives (74%), in regards to education, employment, career (38%), or other family members (32%). Relationship issues–that a woman was unsure about her relationship, didn’t or couldn’t marry the father, etc.–totaled 48%. At least 38% mentioned that they had abortions, at least in part, because they had “completed my childbearing.”




Source: New Study Examines Reasons Women Have Abortions

Supremes face bombshell: Law censoring Christian counselors

TRUTH BOMBS: The Christian worldview is being removed from society. Where people need it the most is in counseling areas, but now that may be silenced. Homosexuality is immoral.

ARTICLE: The U.S. Supreme Court has been handed a bombshell: An appeal of a lower-court ruling that banned Christian counselors from talking with teens about the biblical standard for sexuality. The case challenges laws that force licensed counselors to affirm homosexuality, prohibiting them from helping clients overcome same-sex attractions. Such laws have been adopted in New Jersey, where […]

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Pennsylvania Man and Girlfriend Allegedly Acted Out ‘Rape-Murder Fantasy’ on Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

TRUTH BOMBS: Just as the scriptures tell us that the heart shall “wax cold.” I wonder if this couple got the idea from a movie or book which planted a seed of influence into them. Entertainment can be a powerful brain washing tool.

ARTICLE: It was part of an alleged “rape-murder fantasy” acted out by the suspects, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. Prosecutors allege Sullivan preserved Grace Packer’s remains in cat litter for three months before chopping up her body and dumping it in

Source: Pennsylvania Man and Girlfriend Allegedly Acted Out ‘Rape-Murder Fantasy’ on Her 14-Year-Old Daughter