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Study: Attacks on Religious Liberty Have Increased 133 Percent in Last 5 Years

Attacks on religious liberty have jumped by 133 percent in the last five years, according to a new report by the First Liberty Institute.

The First Liberty Institute, a conservative legal group, said in its annual report, “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America,” that in the last year, there has been a 15 percent increase in attacks on religious liberty.

“In this edition, the total number of documented incidents in this report increased by over 15 percent over the past year and now includes more than 1,400 religious liberty incidents,” the report states.

In 2011, the group reported that there were 600 cases of attacks on religious liberty.

“It’s school cases, it’s military cases, it’s open public places cases, employment cases. Unfortunately, it is not [just] one particular area [of society], it’s across the board. What we collect is just what’s published. So really it is just the tip of the iceberg because what’s published is really a fraction of what is actually happening,” First Liberty CEO and Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford said.

Source: Study: Attacks on Religious Liberty Have Increased 133 Percent in Last 5 Years

Christians Outdo FEMA In Hurricane Aid

Christian non-profit organizations have outdone FEMA and provided the vast majority of the relief aid to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Faith-based relief groups are responsible for providing nearly 80 percent of the aid delivered thus far to communities with homes devastated by the recent hurricanes, according to USA Today. An alliance of non-profit organizations called National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), 75 percent of which are faith based, has helped FEMA distribute relief assistance to communities hit by disasters and assisted families in navigating government aid programs to begin the process of rebuilding.

“About 80 percent of all recovery happens because of non-profits, and the majority of them are faith-based,” Greg Forrester, CEO of NVOAD, told USA Today.

Source: Christians Outdo FEMA In Hurricane Aid | The Daily Caller

Matt Walsh: Dear churches, you’re killing yourselves and this is how – TheBlaze

A certain sermon I heard a little while ago has stuck with me.

It began with a reference to “Toy Story.” Yes, “Toy Story.” The cartoon with talking toys.

The Pixar film, as the pastor explained, contained many examples of friendship. Friendship is important, you see. It’s good to have friends. In case anyone thought friendship was bad, he was standing up to boldly declare otherwise. Remember that Randy Newman song called “You’ve Gotta Friend In Me” from the movie? He did. He quoted it at length. Then he handed out juice boxes and graham crackers and we had nap time on the alphabet rug.

I have no problem with a sermon that draws on art or literature outside of Scripture to illustrate a theme contained in it. But of all the poems, novels, songs, films, paintings, sculptures that may reveal some divine truth, he went with “Toy Story”? Oh, but “Toy Story” is relatable, you say. Really? Relatable to whom? Kindergartners? Well, are we in a Kindergarten class or a church? It certainly is hard to tell anymore. Just add a few boxes of crayons and a couple glue sticks and some of these churches would be indistinguishable.

Source: Matt Walsh: Dear churches, you’re killing yourselves and this is how – TheBlaze

Millennials’ Reasons for Leaving the Church Don’t Hold Up

TRUTHBOMBS: I thought this was just an interesting opinion peice. Thought provoking.
ARTICLE: A recent article from Faithit is characteristic–almost to the point of satire–of the Internet’s most exhausting genre: 20-somethings explaining “why millennials are leaving the church.” Sam Eaton writes that the 59 percent of millennials who were raised in church and have dropped out are sending a message, and it’s the church’s responsibility to shape up to meet his generation’s demands. What are those demands?
“Jesus was insanely clear about our purpose on earth,” he writes. “‘Love God. Love others. Task completed.”
In Eaton’s telling, the church is failing miserably at this two-part command, which he calls “the heart of the gospel.” (It’s actually the heart of the Law, but put that aside for now.) We’ve heard all of this before–most notably from Rachel Held Evans, who conflates fighting poverty with taking progressive stances on politics and theology, and contends that if churches would only adopt such stances, they would start growing again. Unfortunately, these authors tend to undermine their own case.


Source: Millennials’ Reasons for Leaving the Church Don’t Hold Up

Parents upset after ‘Unicorn’ poem used in school – Story | WAGA

– A group of parents is concerned after they read a poem given to dozens of middle school students at a Polk County school.

Teachers at Cedartown Middle School say the context of the poem was used for a Greek mythology lesson, but the school system says this was an unfortunate mistake, and will never happen again.

The poem is called “Unicorn” and it talked about God. School officials say the gods the poem refers to are Greek gods.

School officials tell FOX 5 they understand why the poem could seem controversial when taken out of context, and say that it will never be used again.

“We just admitted. This was a mistake. In no way whatsoever would we want to defame God or go anywhere in that direction at the school,” said Cedartown Middle School Principal Shannon Hulsey.

The 6th-grade language arts team which consists of three teachers came under fire late Wednesday night.

Officials say the poem was distributed as part of the ancient mythology curriculum where students were using it to compare to short stories on Greek gods, and how the unicorn was supposed to represent a happy and safe place.

“Looking back at it from a parents point of view they can certainly understand where parents were upset,” said Hulsey

Source: Parents upset after ‘Unicorn’ poem used in school – Story | WAGA